Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

January 11, 2020

A head’s up to stalkers and trolls

Filed under: Trolls/stalkers — louisproyect @ 1:13 pm

Apparently the idiot who I banned for using a Cambodia IP address has tried to write the same kind of personalized attacks with a new email and IP address: atariram@gmail.com / I don’t mind the personalized attacks about living on the Upper East Side, etc. as much as I do the bogus credentials. Each time you post comments to this blog for the first time, they are held in a moderator’s queue. From now on, I will be running a new IP address through a proxy checker to make sure it is valid. Here’s the results from the obsessed, pathetic idiot who has no life apparently except for lodging Vyshinsky type accusations against me as an enemy of the people.


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