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December 20, 2019

Ovid: a Netflix for the Left

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After reading the reviews below, you’d likely agree that Ovid is an invaluable resource for the left. Launched on March 22, it aggregates films from eight different cutting edge film distributors, including some whose documentaries and narrative films I have reviewed over the years: First Run, Bullfrog, and Icarus. These are the kinds of films that show up in art houses like the Cinema Village in NY or the Laemmle in Los Angeles but generally for a week or less. They may show up on Amazon or iTunes, but you will never get a head’s up as you would if you were an Ovid subscriber. The main benefit of subscribing for $6.99 per month (a real pittance) is the convenience of having an intelligently organized website that categorizes films geared to its intended audience. While Netflix groups film by genres such as horror or crime, Ovid groups them, for example, by “Don’t Mourn, Organize.” In that category, you can find “No Gods, No Masters: A History of Anarchism,” “Eugene V. Debs: American Socialist,” and the 1967 groundbreaking documentary “Far From Vietnam.” In addition to such radical documentaries, you will find avant-garde narrative films from Chantal Akerman, Claire Denis, and Marcel Ophüls. So, don’t hesitate. Ovid is the Netflix the left has always needed, supporting evidence from the reviews beneath…

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  1. There are too many streaming services now. Someone needs to bundle them for one low, low price, the way cable companies once did.

    Comment by Janet Avery — December 20, 2019 @ 11:32 pm

  2. Back in the Spring I signed up for OVID’s seven-day trial. After about two days or so they cut me off. I suppose they did this because I have insomnia often and I was up constantly watching OVID and I guess they maybe should tell people that you can’t stream all you want. Here’s the kicker; they took the money out of my bank account well before the seven-day “free” trial was over. My emails to them was met with mockery. I had to have my bank get the money back. I wonder who is really running that site? It’s cool though because they are high-falutin’ lefties who have a strategic need to lie to and steal from people. Fuck ovid

    Comment by PIckle Pickle Rabbit — December 21, 2019 @ 3:34 am

  3. Pickle Pickle Rabbit, you sound like a bullshit artist.

    Comment by louisproyect — December 21, 2019 @ 1:28 pm

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