Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

Scathing review of Max Blumenthal’s “Management of Savagery” and Verso’s standards » Times Literary Supplement

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  1. This is the key point: “Another mistake Blumenthal falls into in every aspect…denying any agency to the people on the ground. There is no credence given to the fact that Syrians themselves protested and took up arms against Assad for their own reasons, and not just to fulfill America’s foreign policy agenda…”

    This “mistake” is actually an inability to see the rough (but welcome) way the class struggle breaks out in regimes where governmental repression has closed off space for labor unions, working-class political parties, etc. to develop and forced many such opposition movements into channels that may be less appealing to Blumenthal’s eyes–such as religious movements, human rights movements, etc.

    Do reactionary forces (CIA funding sources, foundations of bad intention and design) try and intervene to push the struggle in divisive and reactionary directions? Of course! But the point is the struggles fight their way forward, apparently right in front of this journalist’s eyes, but his lack of experience and type of education make it so he cannot see. The world is simpler if it is divided into CIA and not-CIA. He has nothing to say that will help serious people trying to relate to living revolutions as they actually unfold.

    Comment by Peter C Seidman — September 21, 2019 @ 3:49 pm

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