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October 19, 2018

Lost Village; Fail State

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Just by coincidence, two new documentaries drive a stake into the heart of very different forms of higher-educational chicanery. Opening today at the Cinema Village in New York, Roger Paradiso’s “Lost Village” is a no-holds-barred assault on NYU for its role in turning Greenwich Village into a wasteland of empty stores, CVS’s, banks, and fast food emporiums while simultaneously making its student body pay for its excesses, driving female students to turn to prostitution to keep their studies going. Also opening today in Los Angeles’s Laemmle theatre and at the Maysles theater in New York next Friday is “Fail State”, an investigative report on for-profit colleges. Of keen interest to CounterPunch readers, neither film leaves the Democratic Party unscathed. Despite his liberal pretensions, Mayor Di Blasio bestows his blessings on NYU’s scorched earth tactics in the Village while Democrats show little interest in putting the kibosh on for-profit colleges that both Obama and Trump sanctioned, the first commander-in-chief in typically triangulation mode and the second with the same kind of cynical boosterism that characterizes his criminal regime.

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  1. Sans the empty stores, Lost Village sounds like a description of corporate Ann Arbor, Michigan. Workers bused in from Ypsilanti to serve the elite, future magistrates and noblemen/women. The criminal entity known as UM, Inc. with its mostly nonliving-wage-earning workforce, GA and adjunct professor staff, is likely the largest landowner in Washtenaw County, but pays no property tax due to its minuscule state funding or maybe the nonprofit fiction, so the liability is dumped on students and residents with a ridiculous price index. It’s a shame more than 80% of Michiganders can’t afford the type of primary/secondary/supplementary education to prepare for, nor the tuition and other costs required to attend the state’s flagship university. Since the school hates its football team, except for the opportunity to enjoy major event attendance status on Saturdays and the revenue that brings, I love those guys. Working with them was a great way to meet some of the very few black dudes on the campus. All the other athletes should love the football team too, so many members of which arise mostly from the lower socioeconomic demographics. How else would the aristocratic sports get funded? Go Blue.

    Comment by little steve — October 19, 2018 @ 5:30 pm

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