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July 30, 2018

Beating the Macbook Pro at Chess

Filed under: chess — louisproyect @ 7:13 pm

Typically, I beat the Chess game on my Macbook Pro about 3 times a year but I have beaten it already 3 times this month using the same King-side attack that is based on a response to the French defense. Basically, I get both Knights lined up together on the same file that are used in combination with a pawn swarm.

This was the result of improvising rather than any thought through strategy. I have a suspicion that it is successful since it is so atypical. If I use a more predictable attack, I always lose. I should add that even after happening on this attack, it is no walk in the park. The previous 2 times using this combination, it took me over 70 moves to win. This time it took half as many. If I hadn’t gotten lackadaisical, I could have won after 25 movies.



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  1. I beat mine once with the most boring opening of all: the center counter-game. i guess it’s so mundane, I under-thought the Mac.

    PS: It normally beats my ass!

    Comment by David Berger — July 30, 2018 @ 7:17 pm

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