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June 17, 2018

Harvard University, bias against Asian-Americans, affirmative action and “life itself”

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Edward Blum, using Asian-American student grievances to destroy affirmative action

Towards the end of the very fine documentary “The Chinese Exclusion Act” that I reviewed for CounterPunch on Friday, May Ngai, the radical history professor at Columbia University, weighs in on the new forms of discrimination that Chinese face even as the vicious racism directed against coolie labor has ended:

So in the late ’60s and early ’70s you have a disproportionate number of highly educated Asians who came in under the 1965 Act. This is a period of an expanding economy in the United States, with more and more R&D work; technical work. Now, a curious consequence of the Hart-Celler Act is that we’re still left with the idea that Chinese are other. They may not be the Yellow Peril of the 19th century and early 20th century. But now they’re the super-achieving students who keep your kids out of college – right? So they’re either evil or super-achievers.

So when I saw the headline on a NY Times article from two days ago titled “Harvard Rated Asian-American Applicants Lower on Personality Traits, Suit Says”, my immediate reaction was to side with the legal action that forced Harvard to turn over admission records in compliance with a suit being filed against the school for discrimination, especially since this was just a variation on what Jews faced once upon a time. A court document prepared by the Students for Fair Admissions stated: “It turns out that the suspicions of Asian-American alumni, students and applicants were right all along. Harvard today engages in the same kind of discrimination and stereotyping that it used to justify quotas on Jewish applicants in the 1920s and 1930s.”

It turns out that the founder of Students for Fair Admissions, who is not a lawyer, is a Jew named Edward Blum whose purpose it is to connect aggrieved students, who see themselves as victims of affirmative action, with attorneys all too happy to turn back the clock. He helped get the gears in motion in a suit against the University of Texas at Austin two years ago on behalf of two white women–Abigail Noel Fisher and Rachel Multer Michalewicz—who were angry that Black and Latino students with lower grades than theirs were admitted to the school under affirmative action. The Supreme Court rejected their claims. What will happen as Trump nominates more racists in this term and the one likely to follow in 2020 is predictable.

Blum is a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and the author of “The Unintended Consequences of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act”. What’s that you ask? It stipulates that states and counties with a history of discriminatory voting practices are not permitted to change the rules for elections without first persuading the Justice Department (or a court) that their new policies will improve, or at least not harm, minority representation. So when Mississippi or Alabama decide to screw Black people out of the right to vote, people like Blum are on the side of the racists. Blum got his way in 2013, when the Supreme Court threw out Section 4 in a suit he helped initiate. Without Section 4, Section 5 is toothless.

In fact, Blum’s last big assault on racial equality took place last year when he heard about a proposed state law that would require had forced Poway, California to redo its voting districts so Latinos would have a better chance of winning elections.

How does Blum get funding for the work he does? It turns out that most of it comes from the Searle Freedom Trust, a rightwing foundation founded by Daniel Searle, the deceased pharmaceutical billionaire who stated its goals on its website as “creating an environment that promotes individual freedom and economic liberties, while encouraging personal responsibilities and a respect for traditional American values.”

In a follow-up article in today’s NY Times, you get a feel for the wariness some Asian-Americans about what Blum is up to. Titled “Asian-Americans Face Multiple Fronts in Battle Over Affirmative Action”, it identifies Indians, Pakistanis and Filipinos in the USA as suffering higher degrees of poverty than Chinese or Japanese-Americans and being sympathetic to affirmative action.

In 2010, T.K. Park, who blogs as Ask a Korean, replied to a query about whether practices such as Harvard follows was an injustice since it limited the numbers of Asian-American admissions:

You might be surprised, because the Korean actually does think it is a good thing.

First of all, allow the Korean to first state his preferred end result: meritocracy must be an important element in college admissions. The meritocracy must involve clearly stated criteria such as test scores, quality of extracurricular activities, quality of letters of recommendation, and so on. And the Korean is not advocating that college campuses mirror exactly the local or national racial mix. There must be some sort of middle ground. The Korean does not know where the proper middle ground is. But the middle ground is probably not the 55 percent Asian American campus as it is in University of California, Irvine.

To explain why the Korean thinks so, allow the Korean to quote John Dewey: “Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself.” Because the Korean experienced two drastically different educational systems (Korean and American,) the truth of Dewey’s quote resonates even stronger with him. In fact, many of Korean educational system’s flaws (despite its numerous strengths) can be traced to this: Korea treats its schools as a place where students prepare for the real world, as opposed to treating it as the real world in and of itself. Thus, learning knowledge is emphasized, while learning social skills gets a short shrift.

The same principle must apply to colleges. College is not a meal ticket given for a certain set of “good behaviors”. It is a place where one receives education. And if colleges do not adequately reflect the “life itself” as Dewey said, they cannot provide adequate education.

What is missing from the discussion about “reverse discrimination” is any engagement with the broader question of competition among different ethnic groups to succeed in the high stakes game of musical chairs, where admission to an Ivy college will open doors to professional success after graduation.

Last year, a friend of mine who is a professor at Columbia revealed to me that there were four suicides between September and January, 2017. This was not just Columbia’s problems. In 2013, there were three suicides at Harvard. While not an Ivy, NYU is certainly a place that is on any A-List. I remember when George Rupp met with us in Columbia’s IT department to tell us that the competition between his school and NYU was intense. I got a chuckle out of him telling us that the appointment of some high-profile Marxists like Jon Elster had helped our reputation.

So, what do you expect when schools become pressure cookers in such competition? For NYU students, something had to give. After two students jumped from the upper floors walkway to their death inside the Eleanor Bobst Library, the administration enclosed the 12-story atrium with perforated aluminum screens in an effort to prevent suicides, just like they have done at the Golden Gate and George Washington bridges.

The most poignant story, however, was MIT’s. On April 10, 2002, Elizabeth Shin, a Korean-American student, self-immolated in her dormitory room. Even though she sent multiple emails to faculty members threatening suicide, the school ignored the warning signs. The night before she had burned herself to death, she even tried to plunge a knife into her chest but had a failure of nerve. A NY Times article dated April 28, 2002 conveys the hopes her parents placed in her:

For the Shins, M.I.T., whose undergraduate population is 30 percent Asian-American, was the gold standard. Elizabeth was accepted at Yale too. It is possible, her mother says wistfully, that Elizabeth would have been happier there. She was an artistic soul, and if her SAT’s were any measure, she was stronger in English — she got 799 out of 800 on her SAT verbal and her SAT II writing test — than in math and science. But Elizabeth wanted to do something important with her life, like find cures for diseases, as she put it. If that is your goal, her father says, and you get into M.I.T., ”you don’t think twice about it.”

”As far as M.I.T., to me, it’s the best institution on earth,” Cho Shin says.

Back in 1961, I was a junior in high school and well on my way to admission to Columbia University since I had no competition for the valedictorian award. But since my mother worried so much about my alienation and unhappiness from high school, she and the principal agreed that the best thing for me was to skip my senior year and go to Bard College on an early admission plan. Who knows? That might have saved me from jumping out a window. I sometimes think about what it would have been like to be a freshman at a male-only college where every other valedictorian was competing with me and themselves to stand out.

Bard College, as Ask a Korean cited John Dewey, was a place that reflected “life itself”. Armed with a Bard degree, it was likely that Merrill Lynch would have hired a Harvard graduate rather than me but to Bard’s credit it was a place where you would be inculcated against the values that Merrill Lynch represented.

Although I am a bit skeptical about the claim that John Dewey was experimenting with democratic socialism (https://www.jacobinmag.com/2018/01/john-dewey-democratic-socialism-liberalism), I do give him credit for helping places like Bard College to create an environment where students don’t kill themselves over the stresses associated with Ivy schools.

In the 1930s, Bard and Sarah Lawrence became models of Deweyite precepts about higher education. His followers at Columbia University transformed an Episcopalian-oriented training ground for the clergy into Bard that some called the “Hudson Valley experimental school.”

An August 5, 1934 NY Times article titled “CURRICULUM IS REVERSED; New Plan at Bard College Is Designed to Give the Student’s Interest Freer Play” indicated how revolutionary the approach would be:

Second, the particular abilities, interests and purposes of the student himself [it became co-ed in 1944] will be the centre around which he will be permitted, under guidance, to build his own course of study. He will not be looked upon as so much material to be run into a mold but as an individual whose growth is to be stimulated and nourished. The student, as soon as he enters, will select one general field of study in which he will try his powers. The field be selects as his own will presumably be the one in which he has been most interested and has demonstrated most ability before coming to college.

That’s what we need, schools in which students are not “material to be run into a mold”. Ironically, it is just such schools that have become historically superseded by the corporatization of higher education and forced into bankruptcy. Ultimately, the goal should be to destroy corporatization in all its forms and allow students to prepare themselves for jobs in a socialist society that are not “bullshit”, as David Graeber puts it. Just as we have entered a new Gilded Age, history is crying out for a new Progressive movement that counted John Dewey among its leading lights. But given the class realities of a decaying capitalist system, the only progressivism that has a chance of succeeding today is one that is based on the need for working people to take power in their own name.


  1. Louis said “….I do give him credit for helping places like Bard College to create an environment where students don’t kill themselves over the stresses associated with Ivy schools.”

    What kind of heavenly abode was this place you attended that has absolutely no relation to the institution other alumni would encounter under the auspices of Leon Botstein’s unchallenged reign of indifference to student suffering for over 40 years?

    Are you unaware of the student deaths on local Annandale roads by car accidents?

    Back in the 1980’s there were an average of two major car accidents a year due to speeding and, or DUI/DWI on local, foggy roads. I had the displeasure of being the first friend to visit a student in the emergency room after he wrecked his father’s DeLorean in 1985.

    No Leon didn’t give a shit, even though the kid nearly died. You would think Leon losing his own young daughter to a horrible vehicle accident would cause him to exhibit some measure of compassion and empathy, but no, he was a cold-hearted asshole, who only cared about transforming the school into his personal vanity mirror.

    I personally recall multiple undergrads freaking out, having psychotic episodes and eventually disappearing from school forever, some to mental institutions, others transferred, or just moved back home and never left their parents, scrounging around for odd jobs.

    Have you searched online for the scandals of Bard students freaking out and generally left to the “kindness of strangers” instead of the understanding of Leon’s lack of empathy and compassion for his on charges?


    An article on a suicide at Bard College in PsychologyToday:

    Whose Life is this Anyway?: When College Students Kill Themselves
    Colleges are reaching out to prevent campus suicides – and curb litigation.
    Posted Feb 22, 2010

    Last month, at each of the colleges my children attend, a student committed suicide. The first, in early January, took place at Bard College, a small, liberal arts school in upstate New York. A senior majoring in film studies hung himself in a classroom. My daughter didn’t know him — apparently, few in the senior class of about 500 did – but the Bard community felt shaken and responsible:

    Or someone so dumb, they exposed the public to measles?

    Or unwisely leaves his friends to venture off and fall down a cliff?

    These are only recent, 21st century examples. Have you forgotten that the first school shooting before Columbine happened in 1992 at Simon’s Rock?
    My Life Since the 1992 Simon’s Rock Shooting

    There is a self-published book by an alumnus named Glenn Ribble entitled, “You Might Be A Pingie.” Though out of print, it would be worth acquiring a copy for yourself to get some direct insight into a highly functioning psychotic’s torment and torture at the hands of Leon’s indifference to this student’s persecution and attempts by other undergrads to literally run him out of Bard College because he did not fit in with Leon’s sycophantic wealthy ne’er-do-wells.

    You can see how grand the memories are of Alumni from Bard when viewing the necessity of combining, grouping graduating classes together for reunions. The presence of the same faces, stagnant with time, as the numbers dwindle, and criticism by the majority is shunned.

    When reading Moody’s Credit Ratings that deterministically establish a complete lack of alumni donations, compared with masses of debt Leon and the Board juggle through unbridled acquisitions of historical, Hudson Valley real estate, or satellite schools throughout the world.

    Where did go to college exactly? Are you sure it was Bard College?

    Comment by Comb-Over-Creep-Watcher — June 18, 2018 @ 4:58 pm

  2. Thanks for the revealing comment but Leon took over at Bard 20 years after I graduated. I have zero knowledge of what student life is like there since 1975 and my only interest is in how the faculty and board of trustees function as instruments of his ambitions.

    Comment by louisproyect — June 18, 2018 @ 5:04 pm

  3. Leon “took over” Bard in 1975. That’s only 10 years after you graduated, not 20 years. You had direct associations with Bard undergrads in the 1980’s who involved themselves in pro-socialist causes in Sandinista Nicaragua, such as Ted (nee Rexin) Lewis.

    An idyllic memory is fine for those who can afford it at the expense of their younger compatriots suffering through pseudo-intellectual tyranny, fraud, and corruption.

    Moody’s will be the Delphic Oracle predicting the calculable demise of Bard College once the bloated bespectacled bow-tied bastard-on-the-hudson dies.
    Excellent synopsis of the wizard of snob’s likely outcomes for his personally degraded institution of higher learning. All the shit that’s fit to print.


    16 Aug 2016 Rating Update
    The document is not a part of your current subscription.
    Bard College, NY: Rating Update – Moody’s Downgrades Bard College, NY’s Revenue Bonds to B1; Outlook Negative
    Moody’s Investors Service
    16 Aug 2016 Rating Action
    Moody’s Downgrades Bard College, NY’s Revenue Bonds to B1; Outlook Negative
    Moody’s Investors Service
    28 Apr 2015 Rating Action
    Moody’s downgrades Bard College’s (NY) Revenue Bonds to Ba3; outlook negative
    Moody’s Investors Service
    28 Apr 2015 Rating Update
    The document is not a part of your current subscription.
    Moody’s downgrades Bard College’s (NY) Revenue Bonds to Ba3; outlook negative
    Moody’s Investors Service
    19 Dec 2013 Rating Update
    The document is not a part of your current subscription.
    Moody’s downgrades Bard College (NY) to Ba1 from Baa1; outlook negative
    Moody’s Investors Service
    19 Dec 2013 Rating Action
    Moody’s downgrades Bard College (NY) to Ba1 from Baa1; outlook negative
    Moody’s Investors Service
    11 Sep 2013 Rating Action
    Moody’s reviews Bard College’s (NY) Baa1 for downgrade
    Moody’s Investors Service
    11 Sep 2013 Rating Update
    The document is not a part of your current subscription.
    Moody’s reviews Bard College’s (NY) Baa1 for downgrade
    Moody’s Investors Service
    25 Oct 2011 Rating Update
    The document is not a part of your current subscription.
    Moody’s Investors Service
    25 Oct 2011 Announcement
    Moody’s Investors Service
    23 May 2011 Sector Comment
    The document is not a part of your current subscription.
    Large Gifts to Leading US Universities Signal Credit Stability
    Moody’s Investors Service
    18 Mar 2009 Rating Update
    The document is not a part of your current subscription.
    Moody’s Investors Service
    16 Apr 2007 Rating Update
    The document is not a part of your current subscription.
    Moody’s Investors Service
    12 Mar 2007 New Issue
    The document is not a part of your current subscription.

    Comment by Comb-Over-Creep-Watcher — June 18, 2018 @ 7:40 pm

  4. Sorry for the typo. I meant to write 10 years. In terms of the 80s, I really had no contact whatsoever. The only recent Bardian I have been in touch with is a guy named Amith Gupta who I got to know through the Joel Kovel defense. He really doesn’t have that much to say about Bard, however, He is mainly interested in Mideast politics.

    Comment by louisproyect — June 18, 2018 @ 7:57 pm

  5. “So in the late ’60s and early ’70s you have a disproportionate number of highly educated Asians who came in under the 1965 Act.”

    The children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren of highly educated Asians–mainly of Chinese descent–are the ones who are complaining about affirmation action and whatnot, whether you’re talking about the elite universities (mainly Harvard, Yale, and Princeton) or the SHSAT at Stuyvesant. Why do you elide over this obvious fact? There is a strong contingent of genetic supremacists who believe they are inherently superior to blacks and Latinos among this lot. Some of what you wrote was too close to a cultural supremacist argument. They appear to feel that scoring above 700 on math SAT and above 700 on math and science SAT II is the only thing that matters for admission to the elite colleges and universities.

    That Ask a Korean guy was ok, but he still buys into that meritocracy stuff.

    Comment by Asian but not Chinese — June 18, 2018 @ 8:05 pm

  6. Here’s a recent Bard Alumnus accused of murdering another Alumna: This was in 2016 and they both graduated Bard in 2014. Remember this final line in the article, “A Bard College spokesman declined to comment.”

    What is going on at Bard?

    Do you really give a shit they no longer send you a hard copy of the Bardian newsletter?

    Want to know what’s up with your fellow alumnae?

    Just go online and start searching for keywords “Bard College suicide” “bard college rape” “Bard College student missing” “Bard college murder” “Bard college accident” “bard college arrest”

    Does Leon create an environment for tragedies while he shaves his head, wears his horn-rims, and picks out a luxurious new suit, fine leather shoes, and a silk bow tie?

    It is a very tiny school.

    Why are there so many public news articles demonstrating bad judgement, psychosis, depression, violence, etc.?


    Struggling artist charged for fatally stabbing roommate, 25, during argument in Queens apartment

    SEP 29, 2016 | 6:45 PM
    Struggling artist charged for fatally stabbing roommate, 25, during argument in Queens apartment
    Police officials at the Stanhope St., Queens, home where a 26-year-old woman was found with multiple stab wounds. (Ken Murray/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)
    A 26-year-old struggling artist living in Queens was charged Thursday with stabbing his roommate to death in the apartment they shared, police said.
    Render Stetson-Shanahan was charged with knifing part-time librarian Carolyn Bush, 25, in the neck, back and arm inside their home on Stanhope St. near Onderdonk Ave. in Ridgewood at about 11:50 p.m. Wednesday, cops said. He also allegedly threatened a neighbor.
    Stetson-Shanahan, who graduated from Bard College in 2012 and worked for a fine art shipping company, is accused of killing Bush during an argument. He then stabbed himself in the leg.
    In the moments after the brutal slaying, a crazed Stetson-Shanahan, clad only in underwear and covered in blood, ran onto the street and encountered neighbor Joshua Cruz, 30.
    After hearing a high-pitched scream while doing his laundry, Cruz was running back to his house.
    Stetson-Shanahan, who was intoxicated, lunged at Cruz with the knife.
    “It’s the last thing anyone could think would happen,” Cruz said. “He came out in straight boxers. He was on the phone with his brother saying, ‘I’m not going to have a lease anymore.’
    “He asked me my name and tried to lunge at me with the knife. I just seen blood on him.”
    Stetson-Shanahan then stormed over to a 2014 Toyota and smashed in a passenger side window, police said. He then bashed in two windows on a Hyundai before dashing into his apartment.
    Cruz backed up and hid behind a large metal gate that leads to his basement apartment and called the cops.
    Officers went to the second-floor apartment. There, Stetson-Shanahan admitted stabbing Bush and himself, sources said.
    Cops found Bush lying on the floor of her bedroom, her body riddled with stab wounds.
    Carolyn Bush, 26.
    Carolyn Bush, 26. (Facebook)
    “He stabbed her way before he came out,” Cruz said. “I heard no arguing, no nothing,”
    The super, Pat Castellar, 52, who lives in the building, said he was asleep at the time of the violent argument, but woke up when cops and paramedics rushed Bush out of the apartment.
    “When she came out, there was a lot of blood,” he said. “Ugly. She was on a gurney wrapped in a white shirt with her head to the side. When they (paramedics) came out, she was alive. By the time they got to the street she was gone, I think.”
    Paramedics took Bush, also believed to be a Bard College graduate, to Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, but she could not be saved, officials said.
    Stetson-Shanahan was taken to Elmhurst Hospital, where he is in police custody and expected to survive, according to cops. He was charged with murder and weapons possession.
    “It was f—ing chaos,” Castellar said. “I feel real bad for her.”
    Blood was spattered in the apartment building’s entryway and shattered glass was scattered by the two cars parked outside the building.
    Queens District Attorney Richard Brown called the killing a “senseless crime.”
    “This is a disturbing case that ended with the death of a young, innocent woman,” Brown said.
    Stetson-Shanahan and the victim were roommates, but not romantically involved, police and Castellar said. Bush signed the lease, Castellar said, and moved in first. Stetson replaced a previous roommate.
    Police said Thursday there were no prior reports of domestic incidents at their residence.
    Render Stetson-Shanahan is suspected of stabbing Carolyn Bush inside her apartment on Thursday.
    Render Stetson-Shanahan is suspected of stabbing Carolyn Bush inside her apartment on Thursday. (YouTube)
    “On repeat in my ears and mind and heart for the beloved, serene, tender, elegant, powerful, brilliant, everyday magical Carolyn Bush,” wrote a grief-stricken friend of hers on Facebook Thursday afternoon.
    Neighbors said they never heard any unrest from the apartment.
    Castellar said Bush was a part-time librarian and waitress who moved in three years ago. Stetson moved in about a year later.
    “They’re both great kids,” he said. “She was a great, beautiful young woman. Intelligent, courteous.”
    He said she spent a summer teaching in China and used to leave her rent out in oriental-style envelopes.
    Bush was from St. Petersburg, Fla. Her mom is a real estate agent and her dad a banker.
    Castellar said Stetson-Shanahan also seemed like a model citizen.
    “Great guy, seriously a gentleman,” he said. “I never heard them argue. I never heard any verbal dispute.”
    Stetson-Shanahan, who has family in Rhinebeck, N.Y., has his own website with drawings, lithographs and his take on a movie poster for the Johnny Depp movie “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” He describes himself as an artist, illustrator and sign-maker.
    His LinkedIn page lists him as a crate shop technician for a fine art shipping company, an illustrator and a carpenter’s assistant.
    He graduated from Bard in Annandale-on-Hudson, N.Y., with a degree in American history. A relative is in the admissions office there.
    A Bard College spokesman declined to comment.
    With Ryan Sit, Rocco Parascandola, Thomas Tracy, Aidan McLaughlin

    Comment by Comb-Over-Creep-Watcher — June 18, 2018 @ 8:38 pm

  7. Correction: He graduated in 2012.

    And fellow Alumni, but Alumnae would suit if concerned about the young women who were serially victimized by sexual predatory professors throughout Leon’s reign.

    I would hope that had you personally witnessed the trauma endured by these women you would have felt inclined to rage but trapped by circumstances literally beyond your own individual, undergraduate control.

    Fear and disempowerment were the tools by which these unethical, amoral adults manipulated a tight-knit, small student body into looking the other way, or indulging in substances to numb themselves.

    That was the dynamic under Leon’s Bard: Let the girls get sexually harassed, manipulated, coerced, and psychologically abused, and let the boys feel castrated and humiliated with rage while attending classes with the very professors who were simultaneously fucking their classmate(s).

    How do you talk to a girl who is living across from you in the same dormitory knowing she’s fucked your committee chair, and now she’s depressed and thinking of quitting school? She’s only 19 years old, and a 50 year old scumbag has ruined her life. Does Leon care?

    There were stories of professors competing with one another over how many, or which young, hot, sexy girl, they could manipulate into a sexual tryst, or prolong it to the point where the young woman lost her personality completely. Copying the verbal mannerisms, articulation, and disposition of their abuser, to the general mockery of the student body.

    Not sure if those are the types of memories you share with your pre-Botstein friends, but it seems, Reamer Kline and Heinrich Blucher would have made a better pair for any generation than Leon Botstein and Dimitri.

    Glad you had a positive experience, thank you for your continuing focus on Bard College today.

    Comment by Comb-Over-Creep-Watcher — June 18, 2018 @ 9:07 pm

  8. Dear Louis,

    Here’s a Bard College “debutante” charged with a drug-fueled crime spree up in Maine in 2017, when not attending high society events in Manhattan, or whatever she does at our Alma Mater up in Annandale…even a wealthy, spoiled girl can’t find direction at Leon’s fantasy camp.

    Back in your idyllic time, pre-Botstein, how many Bard Alumni were involved in the same sort of chaos documented in these recent, 21st Century news articles?

    Not talking about ’60’s protests or political actions, just talking about a disturbing trend of publicly documented and reported, self-harm, bad decisions, depression, violence.

    What is going on at Bard College under Leon’s tutelage?

    Are we seeing a disturbing pattern here, phenomenologically speaking?

    Socialite daughter of famous ballet couple busted for Maine burglaries

    A 21-year-old arrested and charged for burglarizing three Camden businesses last week with a friend is the daughter of Darci Kistler, former principal dancer for the New York City Ballet, and Peter Martins, chief of the ballet company.

    Camden Police Department Detective Curt Andrick said drugs and alcohol were a factor in the burglaries last week but declined to elaborate.

    Rich daughter of ballet stars busted in burglary spree

    The disgraced jet-setting debutante’s mother, Darci Kistler, is a former principal dancer with the New York City Ballet, while her father, Peter Martins, is a famous Danish choreographer and current chief of the metropolitan ballet company.

    But instead of following in their footsteps, the young Bard College student has apparently chosen a life of crime and drugs.

    How I Took a Year Off Before Starting College, and Why You Should Too

    “I had to get lost to know where I was going.”

    Comment by Comb-Over-Creep-Watcher — June 19, 2018 @ 3:58 pm

  9. Gotta love how Americans treat ‘Asian Americans’ as one homogeneous group, when the reality of their immigration patterns, class, and status in America is quite disparate.

    If one looks closely at the background of those driving these lawsuits it is Chinese mostly, with some Korean. You are not going to see many Vietnamese, Filipinos or SE Asians.

    Comment by Bill — June 20, 2018 @ 5:52 am

  10. …Title IX Sexual Assault complaints (multiple) and Leon’s empathic, compassionate, sympathetic, responses: Nothing has changed in over 30 years except the public awareness and legal response mechanisms to compel President Leon Botstein and the Board of Directors to finally acknowledge a culture of victimizing those who pay their salaries and put trust in their safety while attending Bard College.

    Bard College Now Facing 3 Federal Complaints Over Sexual Assault
    Recent allegations say the college referred to choking as “erotic asphyxiation without consent.”


    Activist group End Rape On Campus helped recent alumnae file two of the three complaints, claiming the school didn’t follow its own policy when disciplining students accused of sexual assault and did not adequately relay all available resources to victims. The other complaint was from current students who say Bard President Leon Botstein made comments that undercut the trust of having a proper response to a sexual assault report at the college.

    The Education Department opened an investigation into Bard on Dec. 30, looking into a case in which the college initially prescribed counseling and “social probation“ as a punishment for sexual assault. The institution later increased the penalties after the accused student was charged criminally.

    Comment by Comb-Over-Creep-Watcher — June 20, 2018 @ 8:51 pm

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