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April 21, 2018

Assad’s Confused Apologists: Academics in The Times

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Michael Barker’s brilliant takedown of Tim Hayward and company.


via Assad’s Confused Apologists: Academics in The Times


  1. But Corbyn, and Emily Thornberry, have been giving way too much credence to the transparent and disgusting lies of the Russian regime. On Question Time, BBC TV programme, Thornberry was saying the UN were preventing the OPCW from entering Douma. Not wanting to side with the Murdoch Times and scum Right wing press in Britain is fine, but I think the article is too lenient to Corbyn and colleagues like Thornberry, who really do talk and act like complete morons on Syria. Sometimes I think Corbyn is just not very well read , not too smart – on Gogglebox he was shown saying the Punic Wars were fought between Rome and Sparta. He is not well prepared in my opinion to see through fake news and fake narratives and is easily manipulated.

    Comment by Matthew Jackson — April 22, 2018 @ 2:35 pm

  2. I must agree with Mathew. I’m not saying our position on Syria should be a litmus test for everything else, but surely our position on Putin, the head of a very imperialistic state is very important. If you can’t take a clear stance against imperialism of any state, then you’re confused (at best) and will only confuse those who follow you.

    Also, on the other extreme, we can’t just dismiss people’s position on Syria totally out of hand, either. It is important to have a clear position on who’s committing 90% of the atrocities in Syria and to what end. I’m only talking about the atrocities to do with ‘conventional’ war making (meaning, even if we think the chemical attacks are a ‘gray area’, which they’re not).

    It is one thing to oppose the U.S. moves in the region (on which we all agree, and all of us oppose those moves). But, it is totally a different thing to forget that there are other imperialist powers who should be opposed just as vehemently. This whole stance of “we must ONLY oppose our own government” is very short-sighted, wrong-headed and the epitome of provincial thinking, which goes against the very concept of internationalist solidarity of the working classes.

    Comment by Reza — April 22, 2018 @ 5:47 pm

  3. Since so many people, including many with at least a rudimentary grasp of socialism, are falling for the Syrian magic-bullet-and-nanothermite conspiracist Captain Queeg bullshit and quasi-Stalinist simplistic melodrama, I suppose one has to wonder whether there is any point in reaching out to the believers in some way,

    To engage most of the leading aresetwats about their fraudulent “evidence” seems as futile as talking to a drunk in a bar. All these stinkers care about–if it’s more than just a game to them–is who ate the fucking strawberries. Some of the spokesfolk, like Beeley, are self-deceived aristos seeking to command a revolution that conveniently exempts them from its consequences. The British in particular have a long history of breeding this particular subspecies. Others, like the apparently non-socialist and all-American Max Blumenthal are probably mostly interested in selling more books. Who knows what’s up with Fisk and Hersh? Still others, like the legions of credentialed “technical” fakers ported over or being imitated from the Nine Eleven and Kennedy assassination crapfests are mentally ill or merely perverse.

    We know where tRT amd Sputnik News are coming from–they are profiting from a storm of delusion that they themselves barely need to seed.

    But who are the rank and file who appear to be so easily swayed–how does one reach out to them when so many the people they seem to heed are so manifestly not worth talking to? Can the world silently allow e.g. Corbynism to just slip down the plughole because of C’s numberless errors and those of his followers?

    Well, as these sinners teach us, nothing is easier than raising and then disappearing behind a fog of doubt and questions. Here I go … .

    Comment by Farans Kalosar — April 23, 2018 @ 12:28 pm

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