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April 16, 2018

The Axis of Resistance can’t get its story right

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Max Blumenthal

Southfront, an Assadist website, reports:

Syrian forces have taken full control of the district of Douma thus liberating the entire Damascus subrub [sic] of Eastern Ghouta from militants, Chief of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Opposing parties in Syria Yuri Yevtushenko announced on April 12. [emphasis added]

Full control, right? So you’d think that there would be no problem with OPCW inspectors trying to settle the question of whether there was a “false flag” incident.

Not so fast. The Guardian reports:

Inspectors from the global chemical weapons watchdog have been unable to access sites controlled by Russia and the Syrian regime in the town of Douma to investigate an attack on 7 April that killed dozens and prompted US-led missile strikes over the weekend.

The director-general of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons told a meeting of the OPCW executive council that inspectors had not been allowed to visit the town outside Damascus, the UK delegation tweeted. “Unfettered access essential. Russia & Syria must cooperate,” the delegation tweeted.

According to Petter Lycke, Sweden’s representative at the OPCW executive council, Syria and Russia told the inspectors that their safety could not be guaranteed. [emphasis added]

So even though the regime has FULL FUCKING CONTROL, it cannot guarantee their safety. So the Kremlin can issue such statements while its trained seals in the West like Max Blumenthal clap their flippers on cue. What a fucked up left we have.



  1. Awkward! http://podcasts.spiritradio.ie/robert-fisk-from-douma-syria/

    Comment by Bill J. — April 16, 2018 @ 9:04 pm

  2. Awkward! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lSXwG-901yU

    Comment by Bill J. — April 16, 2018 @ 9:22 pm

  3. ‘Fisk seems perplexed why victims of the attack did not hang around in Douma when the government took over the area. And doesn’t seriously deal with the fact that those who stayed behind might not be able to speak freely.’

    OAN , Fisk, western Fascist ghouls and toadies for a mass torture regime. Nasty pieces of work all round, ditto their epigones , Bill J.

    Comment by Matthew Jackson — April 17, 2018 @ 2:55 pm

  4. ‘The head of the largest medical relief agency in Syria claims that medics who responded to the suspected gas attack in Douma have been subjected to “extreme intimidation” by Syrian officials who seized biological samples, forced them to abandon patients and demanded their silence.

    Dr Ghanem Tayara, the director of the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organisations (UOSSM) said doctors responsible for treating patients in the hours after the 7 April attack have been told that their families will be at risk if they offer public testimonies about what took place.’

    Martin Chulov, writing in The Guardian 17/4/2018.

    Comment by Matthew Jackson — April 17, 2018 @ 5:45 pm

  5. Makes you wonder why the opcw inspectors given access to Eastern Goutha during reign of the Trotskyist-Takfirist liberation front. And why no one thought to.make a stink about it.
    Actually, I’m sure a bunch of regime goons will be able to completly eliminate all traces of chlorine gas use within 72 hours. It’s no like the opcw is an organisation designed to be able to carry out forensic investigations in chaotic war zones, the’ll obviously be bamboozled. It’s also quite obvious that there is no real question of the inspectors safety that would have to be addressed. It would be a totally different question if there were a rapacious coalitiin of Western nations intermittently blanketing Syria in cruise missile attacks. But anyonenoaying attention knows nothing like that ha been going on.

    Comment by masoud — April 18, 2018 @ 8:05 am

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