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February 27, 2018

Stop pretending that you can’t do anything to save Syrians

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This open letter was first published at the New York Review of Books.

The UN says it has run out of words on Syria, but we, the undersigned, still have some for the governments, parliamentarians, electorates and opinion leaders of the powers on whom the international legal order has hitherto depended.

The world is a bystander to the carnage that has ravaged the lives of Syrians. All has happened in full view of a global audience that sees everything but refuses to act.

Through Russian obstruction and western irresolution, the UN Security Council has failed to protect Syrians. To the extent that it has been able to pass resolutions, they have proved ineffectual. All they have done is provide a fig leaf to an institution that appears moribund. Perhaps conscious of the stain this might leave on its legacy, the UN has even stopped counting Syria’s dead. After seven years…

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  3. Not sure what’s being blamed here,,, The entire UN system or simply its inability to act. Clearly the veto system of the Security Council is the source of the angst, not the will of member countries. A reformed SC has been proposed but faces the same problem, the big 5 have to agree to loosen their grip. But let’s be clear, a moribund UN is the exact same thing as no UN,,, and calls for its dissolution because it is moribund is the same as wanting a world of Syrias are the norm.

    Comment by seaspan — March 1, 2018 @ 3:10 am

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