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September 25, 2017

Report from Germany

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Source: Report from Germany


  1. I wonder if the SPD will back track on its decision to not enter in to a coalition with the CDU. I think that not joining a coalition wcould be good for the SPD. The SPD would then not be tied to the CDU. Such a decision would leave a Jamaican coalition the only likely way to form a government. Such a coalition would likely be unstable, leading to yearly elections until a few of the current 6 parties are eliminated, reestablishing governmental stability. If this process were a strictly German affair I would put the odds of a leftist victory at about 20%. My guess is that the most likely outcome would be on the continued rule of a more conservative CDU.
    Of course it would not be a strictly German affair. The outside manipulators would make a leftist victory even more unlikely. So what is more important the future of the SPD or the future of Germany? Then, even if the SPD were to back track and form a coalition with the CDU would the SPD just be delaying the inevitable most likely outcome of a Germany led by a more conservative CDU while sacrificing the party in the process?

    I wonder if it would help the SPD to take the position that NATO is responsible for the influx of refugees in to Germany and that Germany will not support NATO policies that cause chaos when the SPD is in power because chaos in Africa or Asia filters back to Germany.

    Ok that is a vague statement. It is intellectual BS because such a statement can mean lots of different things to lots of different people. But we are dealing with the world of politics which requires frequent BS to counteract the BS of the opposition. Those Ivory tower intellecutuals who think that the voters are capable of separating intelligent suggestions from BS do not live in the same universe that I live in. No I do not care to explain what I mean by it. It does not matter. The reason is I wonder if it would help to make NATO the issue that everyone cares about rather than refugees or the EU or balanced budgets? Well I also have to wonder if leftists have the capability to make NATO the issue even if they wanted to as The means of indoctrination are controlled by conservatives.

    The right seems to have more hot button issues that they can mobilize voters to rally around than the left does. Making NATO the issue has worked for the left before. Are things so different now that such an issue has permanently lost its appeal or is it an old issue waiting to be rediscovered?

    Comment by Curt Kastens — September 26, 2017 @ 4:50 am

  2. I remember (lots of) the left regarding Central and South American refugees, was to support their efforts of “regime change” at home. To clear a triumphant path for their eventual return. I can guess why that isnt the case with Syrian refugees, not because they are any different,, but because (most of) the left are abyssmally absent or outright unsympathietic — concerned with assimilation or integration, blissful forgetfulness and demiltantancy regarding their homeland….

    Comment by seaspan — September 26, 2017 @ 12:05 pm

  3. In other words, if the left is desperate to steal an issue from the populist right, first of all distinguish between immigrants and refugees, and second of all amplify the refugees desires to return home, not to torture chambers or terrorised into silence or conscripted into Assad’s armies, but as liberated people. Thus exposing the right to be the inhuman bunch of pro Assad ghouls they are. Wishful thinking, I suppose…

    Comment by seaspan — September 26, 2017 @ 12:52 pm

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