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May 17, 2017

Donald Trump, National Bolshevism and the radical deficit

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Three years ago I wrote an article titled “National Bolshevism rides again” that called attention to Golden Dawn’s support for Russia against Euromaidan that sounded exactly like the sort of thing written by Mike Whitney: “Ukraine is Washington’s pretext for a conflict with Russia. The threat of conflict is evident from the flood of propaganda in the Zionist media. Putin is demonized daily as Saddam Hussein and Qaddafi were earlier, while known Zionist newspapers like the Washington Post and New York Times, present daily ‘evidence’ Russian troops are ready to invade Ukraine. The only things missing are the weapons of mass destruction in order to have a complete repeat.”

Little did I suspect that within three years, an American version of Golden Dawn would be saying the same thing. On May 13th, neo-Nazi Richard Spencer led a small demonstration protesting the removal of a statue honoring Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia. Among the chants heard from the mouths of these fascists (I use the word advisedly) was “Blood and soil” and “Russia is our friend”.

If “Russia is our friend”, it is understandable why Stephen F. Cohen would tell Tucker Carlson, Bill O’Reilly’s replacement at Fox News, that the “Assault on Trump is [the] greatest threat to our country”. Like Cohen, Spencer considers the liberal onslaught on Trump to be the main danger to the USA. In a comment on Trump’s divulging classified information to the Russians, Spencer used words that could have come out of Cohen’s mouth: “This is only a scandal in the minds of those who haven’t heard that the Cold War is over.”

Spencer is a fairly crafty operator, looking to speak out of both sides of his mouth. In addition to paying reverence to Robert E. Lee, he also has good things to say about Karl Marx, on May Day no less:

I am not the only person who has been noticing this development. Sukant Chandan, who unlike me is a major supporter of Bashar al-Assad, began to speak out largely because of the support of the ultraright for Brexit. The nativism that defines UKIP, the Trump administration and other ultraright parties that have been coming together in an informal global movement taking inspiration from the Kremlin is certainly going to antagonize an Indian immigrant in England where a dark skin is an open invitation to a beating. On Facebook, Chandan wrote:

Here I argue in 2mins that there are many who advocated on Press TV and RT etc years that Trump would be ‘better’ than Hilary, that these people invited the man who bombed Syria and Afghanistan, humiliated Russia, went to the brink of war with Korea and China, that these people should either apologise publicly and conduct some serious self critique (I made a wrong analysis on Obama, have apologised for that many times and critically self analysed a lot publicly for years), or they should be chased out of our circles and all platforms should be taken away from them. They advocated for the guy who bombed two of our homelands and threatened total war against China and Korea. These people are mainly those organised around far-right/alt-right/fascist circles and those collaborating with them around things like: Centre for Syncretic Studies (and all individuals and organisations involved, which is easily found), Katehon, New Resistance, The Duran, Saker, Fort Russ, 21st Century Wire, Sputnik, and others. These are forces who are directly in alliance with blatant neo-Nazi and western far right and openly fascist forces. The rise of fascist oriented forces and leaders like Trump are *not* friends of ours but fascist imperialist enemies of our peoples.

Of the websites called out by Chandan, I am familiar with The Duran, Saker, the aptly named Fort Russ, 21st Century Wire and Sputnik. But who were the others?

As its name implies, the rather academic sounding Centre for Syncretic Studies attempts to bring together (syncretize) “various ideologies which originate from across the entire spectrum” and overlaps ideologically and personnel-wise with Katehon. Katehon is likely the same word as Katechon, a term found in 2 Thessalonians 2:6-7 that refers to the apocalypse.

Essentially, both think-tanks are devoted to the thinking of Aleksandr Dugin, a latter-day National Bolshevik. Katehon was founded by Konstantin Malofeev, who is the CEO of Marshall Capital Partners, a private equity firm. Malofeev is a devout Russian Orthodox believer and has also been accused of defrauding the state-owned bank VTB of $200 million. I suppose in this day and age, the two things go together. You can find a typical Katehon article by Dugin titled “Russian Geopolitician: Trump Is Real America” whose title speaks for itself. Speaking for Spencer and countless other rightwing scumbags, Dugin wrote:

Thus, there is Donald Trump, who is tough, rough, says what he thinks, rude, emotional and, apparently, candid. The fact that he is a billionaire doesn’t matter. He is different. He is an extremely successful ordinary American. He is crude America, without gloss and the globalist elite. He is sometimes disgusting and violent, but he is what he is. It is true America.

I should add that the words globalism and globalist have become signifiers for the alt-right. The next time you hear someone using them, run the opposite direction as fast as your feet can carry you.

Moving right along, we come to New Resistance that is based in the USA as opposed to the two Russian-based groups discussed above. The New Resistance appears to be some sort of left group whose views are expressed at Open Revolt!, a blog with little impact according to Alexa that ranks it at 1,897,874 globally. (For comparison’s sake, my blog is ranked 383,286.)

The most recent post to Open Revolt is from February 22nd and titled “New Resistance on Alex Jones, Alexander Dugin and Infowars” that ties it to Dugin ideologically:

Alex Jones gets more than 50 million views at Infowars a week. Last night I watched his feature with Alexandr Dugin and I was expecting to be very critical of it. For once, I was pleasantly surprised. Alex Jones couldn’t have been more respectful and fair, treating Comrade Dugin with the respect he has earned and deserves. He also made a point of showing screenshots of Katehon.com and running the Katehon web address in text beneath Dugin’s name. Many of you probably know Katehon is a Traditionalist and anti-globalist project and some of the major people involved with the site are also part of New Resistance.

That’s a huge breakthrough moment.

Thanks to Alex Jones potentially tens of millions of American eyes are being opened to Alexander Dugin and to the Fourth Political Theory in an honest way. That’s totally jaw dropping.

Notwithstanding the shout-out to Dugin, Open Revolt does not seem nearly as bad as Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute. In fact, the New Resistance manifesto sounds as good as the one Karl Marx and Frederick Engels wrote in 1848:

We believe that the capitalist system we have today needs to be replaced by something that truly fosters a civilized, sustainable & just society, where economics is subordinated to the social good. NEW RESISTANCE, therefore, supports the following policies:

1) the abolition of wage slavery and landlordism;

2) the distribution of land (either a certain acreage or as apartment square feet) to all citizens and making it non-transferable, thus avoiding accumulation into the hands of a privileged few;

3) some sort of guaranteed annual income & humane social safety net;

4) free universal health care (medicine and related fields should be a calling, NOT a business);

5) economic enterprises larger or more complex than a small family business or farm should be self-managed by workers, via workers’ councils.

Of course, you have to read the fine print:

Like the Black, American Indian and Chicano nationalists, NEW RESISTANCE is a movement geared towards National Liberation. Our people, as we define them, are the “white” American working classes, in which we include the urban proletariat, the rural poor, those unemployed or under-employed (“precarious labor”), as well as displaced members of the middle class. We use the term “white” reluctantly to denote the vast pool of Americans of European descent and those who adopt the cultural mores of “white America”.

This is just a soft sell version of what David Duke has been peddling for decades.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 3.05.03 PM

James Porazzo

New Resistance was founded by James Porazzo, a Boston man who was formerly involved with the American Front, a skinhead group that worked closely with Tom Metzger’s White Aryan Resistance and that eventually came to espouse The Third Position, which “syncretizes” racial separatism and socialism. Like Richard Spencer, Porazzo figured out that socialism was not a scare word any more and might even help him recruit new members.

Indeed, Porazzo seems like a natural ally to all those people in the “anti-imperialist” camp. He links to a Bashar al-Assad interview and crossposts Eva Gollinger’s tribute to Hugo Chavez. Interviewed at the Center for Syncretic Studies, Porazzo can barely be distinguished from James Petras (maybe that’s the problem):

Capitalism or institutionalized looting, selfishness and greed are a kind of religion for the pigs that govern the United States. The Democratic and Republican parties are united in this, just showing different shades of the same disease.  Most of the right-wing opposition here, including the reactionary extreme right, are infected by this disease. It can be seen from the fact that hardly wait to cast aspersions onto any other organization with a revolutionary social program, such as as ours.

For us, the absolute enemy is the cult of the golden calf.  We are open to discuss common goals with all genuine anti-capitalists. The struggle against capitalism must always be a priority.

The rebirth of National Bolshevism is something to contend with. The original version first came to my attention writing about the Comintern and the German revolution of the early 20s. Ruth Fischer, an ultraleft and half-Jewish member of the German CP back then, gave a speech that included these words that sound even worse than anything Porazzo might come up with:

Whoever cries out against Jewish capital…is already a fighter for his class, even though he may not know it. You are against the stock market jobbers. Fine. Trample the Jewish capitalists down, hang them from the lampposts…But…how do you feel about the big capitalists, the Stinnes, Klockner?…Only in alliance with Russia, Gentlemen of the “folkish” side, can the German people expel French capitalism from the Ruhr region.

Porazzo has paid close attention to the attempts of the Red-Brown synthesis in the 1920s that has now been given new life by Aleksandr Dugin. Not only has he crossposted Dugin’s articles, he has paid tribute to some obscure figures such as Ernst Niekisch. Starting off as a Communist during Weimar, Niekisch eventually broke with Marxism and developed the official National Bolshevik theory that combined elements of German nationalism and admiration for Josef Stalin, perhaps not that much of a contradiction. He was read by the Nazi “left”, including Gregor Strasser and Ernst Rohm.

I have no idea how much influence Porazzo has but Richard Spencer certainly has plenty. The fact that Spencer has lately been toasting Karl Marx might indicate that this is the direction the alt-right will be taking. Unlike the original National Bolshevism, there is not much support for a rebirth that is a carbon-copy of the original. Why? Because there is no longer a USSR. Vladimir Putin has said that Lenin was the worst thing that happened to Russia, so there’s not much of a “left” to the Kremlin nowadays. Mainly, Putin represents a left to people like Stephen F. Cohen, Robert Parry, James Petras and Diana Johnstone because he is despised by liberal politicians and journalists just as indicated in the Dugin picture at the top of the article. I doubt that any of these people, especially Petras and Johnstone, give a hoot about Spencer and Porazzo’s admiration for Assad and Putin. All that matters to them is salvaging the USA-Russia détente. This is a intellectual and political deficit of biblical proportions.

There’s a dirty little secret I’d like to share with you. Many on the left who are repulsed by people like Richard Spencer and James Porazzo are equally repulsed by the liberal onslaught against Trump for motives lodged in their subconscious. Since they share Spencer and Porazzo’s views on Syria and Ukraine, there is a natural tendency to see Trump as an obstacle to a “neocon” war against the “axis of resistance” even if they are barely aware of it.

What accounts for this? I would describe it as a retreat from class. Twenty years ago, Marxists were up in arms over how postmodernism was subordinating class criteria as part of a new methodology that linked Marx to the Enlightenment. “Identity Politics”, especially in the academy, became a substitute. To a large extent, the rise of postmodernism was related to changes in the capitalist economy such as the growth of multinationals, financialization, post-Fordism, etc. Leaving aside the merits of this analysis, it can be said that classical Marxism was bound to undergo a decline in the aftermath of the collapse of official Communism and the rapid expansion of the capitalist economy in the 1980s and 90s.

So is the current brand of “anti-imperialism”, with its lockstep adherence to the Kremlin’s talking points, also a reaction to changes in world capitalism? Undoubtedly, the stagnation that set in toward the late 90s and that only deepened after the 2007 meltdown have contributed to a sense of futility over capitalist growth. For many whose radicalism is paper-thin (i.e., most Noam Chomsky readers), the unit of analysis has become the nation-state rather than class. Why bother to interrogate class relations in Syria when the CIA has been sending rebels light weapons, after all? (The emphasis on light, of course.)

Into this stagnant ideological pool, it becomes possible for an American version of Golden Dawn to take root. Does this mean that fascism is on the agenda? I don’t think so. The main role of groups led by Spencer or Porazzo is to act as shock troops that are meant to embolden backward members of the working class and the petty-bourgeoisie to take their own actions in a thousand different ways, from insulting a woman wearing a hijab or a Black person walking in a white neighborhood. In other words, they will be trying to create the same climate of fear that exists in Europe even though they are not ready to begin attacking the picket lines of strikers on the rare occasions they materialize.

As was the case in the early Weimar Republic, the alt-right will be held in reserve. They can do damage now but not constitute an immediate threat to the American ruling class that much prefers bourgeois democracy, especially since it relies on the less expensive and less risky ideological hegemony rather than the truncheon.


  1. A large part of the problem is political illiteracy, & now, just plain illiteracy, as seen so readily on social media. Very few people bother to really read challenging authors, or explore new ideas, or do anything more than adopt slogans. To really understand Marx, you have to read him, and he is difficult, nuanced, and voluminous. Postmodernism, for all its pseudo-eruditeness, is simplistic once you deconstruct its jargon and verbiage. (But Derrida saves us from that, for to him, its creator, “deconstruction” is not a method of analysis, as I used it here, but each “deconstruction” is a unique “event”!)

    Comment by George Fish — May 17, 2017 @ 5:13 pm

  2. is the current brand of “anti-imperialism”, with its lockstep adherence to the Kremlin’s talking points, also a reaction to changes in world capitalism?

    Of course. But the “reaction” and the “changes in world capitalism”, when inspected, reveal a more compelling story than this misleading generalization.

    The US presidency appeals to con man Trump because he can profit in the turbulence between alt-right and neo-cons. His appeal results because “this stagnant ideological pool” has been isolated.

    Your label-slinging is obscurantist.

    Comment by IndianJones — May 17, 2017 @ 7:10 pm

  3. Please ignore “with it’s lockstep adherence to the Kremlin’s talking points”in my quote. That is a caricature of the Kremlin propaganda.

    Comment by IndianJones — May 17, 2017 @ 7:20 pm

  4. “What accounts for this? I would describe it as a retreat from class.”

    Indeed it is. As such, National Bolshevism, neo-Nazism, KKK, white supremacist activities are an inevitable consequence of the neoliberal social world that has become so entrenched. Neoliberalism is centered around the suppression of class conflict as focal point of political activity and it has thus opened the way for them.

    It is quite striking that some with roots on the left have gone along. Apparently, the division of the working class by race and sectarian bigotry goes deeper than I realized. The notion that Trump represents any kind of positive development is ludicrous. It can only be entertained by those who conflate the working class with Christian whiteness.

    For me, it presents some challenging dilemmas. I do believe that reduced tensions between the US and the Russian Republic would be a good thing as opposed to the intensification of Cold War hostility pushed by the Democrats against Trump. It is possible to support such a reduction while supporting the transformation of Russian Republic by its people. A position that Trotsky would have appreciated, I think. But how to do so without being associated with such reprehensible characters?

    Similarly, how does one oppose the reliance of the Democrats upon Cold War xenophobia to try to bring down Trump and keep from moving left as demanded by the supporters of Sanders? Perhaps, as someone on the left beyond the electoral process, I shouldn’t care, but surely, the exploitation of Russia by moderate to conservative Democrats to cement an alliance with Wall Street, the MIC and neoconservatives should be publicly condemned? Again, how to do so without being confused with the rising tide of white supremacy?

    I am heartened by the fact that many outside of DC are more concerned with the challenges of economic survival than with Trump and Putin. Thomas Frank toured the distressed cities of the Midwest recently and discovered that most of the people he spoke with were understandably preoccupied with getting by day to day. Unfortunately, too many of them expressed Trump like reasons for their situation. The reliance upon the Democrats upon Putin, instead of a class oriented program, does nothing to confront it, creating greater opportunities for Spencer and his ilk.

    Comment by Richard Estes — May 17, 2017 @ 7:46 pm

  5. This is a very god response! thanks much, comrade, for your insights.

    Comment by George Fish — May 17, 2017 @ 7:57 pm

  6. The notion that Trump represents any kind of positive development is ludicrous. It can only be entertained by those who conflate the working class with Christian whiteness.

    Hardly. Trump appeals to white supremacists and “some with roots on the left” because of their joint opposition to “neoliberalism”.

    how does one oppose the reliance of the Democrats upon Cold War xenophobia […] without being confused with the rising tide of white supremacy?

    The opposition to the neocon Great Game cannot only be ethno-nationalism.

    Comment by IndianJones — May 17, 2017 @ 9:09 pm

  7. Something is happening here but you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones? You seem like the typical unschooled conspiracist that spends most of his time at Moon of Alabama. My suggestion is that if you are unfamiliar with basic Marxist concepts revolving around class, you should piss off.

    Comment by louisproyect — May 17, 2017 @ 9:20 pm

  8. No, you appear to be ignorant of battles between elite “classes”. Now that you have abandoned your provocations at MoA, do you suppose you are promised no provocations on your “red” planet?

    Comment by IndianJones — May 17, 2017 @ 9:40 pm

  9. Of course I am aware of battles between the bourgeoisie. The liberals calling for Trump’s head are taking their cue from the NYT and the Washington Post while scum like James Petras and Diana Johnstone orient to the wing of the American ruling class that still supports Trump, as well as the Russian ruling class, whose views are upheld on Fox News and RT.com respectively. Many years ago Petras and Johnstone had an orientation to the working class but lost it long ago. Their abandonment of Marxism is a kind of mental illness I tried to diagnose in my article. Since you are apparently infected with the same illness, there’s not much I can say to help you. You might want to read Leon Trotsky’s “Learn to Think” for edification. And V. 1 of Capital while you are at it.

    Comment by louisproyect — May 17, 2017 @ 10:01 pm

  10. All that matters to them is salvaging the USA-Russia détente. This is a intellectual and political deficit of biblical proportions.

    HA HA. It appears you are the one too much conflating. Opposition to the neocon war is not “orientation” to the “Axis of Resistance”.

    Must we put on your blinders, “comrade”?

    Comment by IndianJones — May 17, 2017 @ 10:14 pm

  11. Yup, fascists appropriate some leftist and “anti establishment” rhetoric when they’re in their growing stage, lets go ahead and throw the baby out with the bathwater then, The working class are backwards hicks, CNN is real news, #Imwithher! There’s more than two sides in politics. What’s sad is what a wide open space these fascist lite cutlets find for themselves to the left of both Clinton and now Trump in opposing America’s broken, immoral and extremely unpopular misadventures in the Middle East. Opposing the imperialist wars of your government has nothing to do with Asssad or Putin. Its not just these liberals but a lot of self described socialists like ISO and even anarchists providing left cover for Uncle Sam in Syria peddling Assad eats babies propaganda and delusions of international solidarity with the good rebels make any kind of actual Marxist anti imperialist analysis impossible. The mainstream Dems are in the same “resistance” as Lindsey Graham, John McCain and the CIA, they want to pressure Trump on Syria, Russia and perhaps even the TPP, they don’t approve of Trumps crass racist rhetoric because they fear it will mobilize the left, and the left might break free from its subservience to defending bourgeois liberalism.

    Comment by Tyler — May 17, 2017 @ 10:17 pm

  12. Jones, are you mentally ill? It has been six years and you are talking about the possibility of a “neocon war”? Colin Powell gave his infamous WMD speech to the UN and 3 months later the US invaded Iraq and toppled Saddam Hussein. Meanwhile, when the Pentagon gave light arms to the FSA 3 years ago, they had to sign a pledge that not a single bullet would be used against Assad. Your problem is that you deny reality. You and all the other screwballs at all the conspiracist websites from WSWS.org to DissidentVoice live in an alternative reality. It really is a mental illness.

    Comment by louisproyect — May 17, 2017 @ 10:18 pm

  13. Tyler, are you one of those living breathing “false flag” imbeciles? Do you take stupid pills every day to keep going?

    Comment by louisproyect — May 17, 2017 @ 10:22 pm

  14. there is a natural tendency to see Trump as an obstacle to a “neocon” war against the “axis of resistance” even if they are barely aware of it.

    That’s you justifying their deduction from their “false premise” of “neocon” war. And here you offer as (prime?) evidence of that falsity that the Pentagon’s solicitation of the FSA required a pledge! HA! To accept that would prove one even more delusional.

    I deny reality? Thou dost project too much.

    Comment by IndianJones — May 17, 2017 @ 10:29 pm

  15. Jones, you need to learn to write more clearly. I said that it is nuts to speak of a looming “regime change” operation in Syria after 6 years, especially now that Trump is president. You sidestepped this point. I can’t reply to your latest comment because your prose is so fractured, probably a device to hide your avoidance of the facts. If imperialism wanted to get rid of Assad, it would have made it happen. What you and other Assadist tools fail to recognize is that military strategists viewed this as counterproductive. The Rand Corporation concluded that “Regime collapse, while not considered a likely outcome, was perceived to be the worst possible outcome for U.S. strategic interests.” Get that? THE WORST POSSIBLE OUTCOME FOR U.S. STRATEGIC INTERESTS.

    Comment by louisproyect — May 17, 2017 @ 10:38 pm

  16. [Dems] don’t approve of Trumps crass racist rhetoric because they fear it will mobilize the left

    HA HA HA. They have much more to oppose than left “incitement”.

    Comment by IndianJones — May 17, 2017 @ 10:39 pm

  17. Jones, please lay off the marijuana before commenting here. Your comments have become progressively more difficult to understand. I don’t mind that your politics are shitty but I would at least expect you to put them forward clearly.

    Comment by louisproyect — May 17, 2017 @ 10:41 pm

  18. And “Negotiated settlement was deemed the least likely of the possible scenarios”. Yet we are still there. Conflating neocon war with “a looming regime change operation” in Syria is your red herring.

    If imperialism wanted to get rid of Assad, it would have made it happen.

    Did Imperialism want to get rid of Saddam? Did Imperialism want to get rid of Yanukovych? If not, what did want to get rid of them? And the ultimate conclusion of your conviction: don’t bother opposing imperialism.

    Too clever.

    It is you who sidestep.

    Opposition to the neocon war is not “orientation” to the “Axis of Resistance”.

    And neither is the neocon war only opposition to the “Axis of Resistance”.

    Comment by IndianJones — May 17, 2017 @ 11:04 pm

  19. Jones, you ask “Did Imperialism want to get rid of Saddam?” Are you mentally retarded? I already FUCKING TOLD YOU that when imperialism wants to get rid of someone like Saddam, it takes 3 months–not 6 years.

    Comment by louisproyect — May 17, 2017 @ 11:07 pm

  20. “Your comments have become progressively more difficult to understand.”

    And your analysis, comrade, has became progressively more ludicrous.

    Comment by IndianJones — May 17, 2017 @ 11:08 pm

  21. Comrade, you said the US was following Colin Powell, not Imperialism. I wanted you to iterate that Imperialism was in play.

    Now, what about your ultimate conclusion, “don’t bother opposing imperialism”, my evasive comrade?

    Comment by IndianJones — May 17, 2017 @ 11:15 pm

  22. Trump himself is not actually a fascist, but the Trump beam excites these shit particles–will his disgrace, if it happens, excite them further, or will it serve to mark the passing of that hard-right horseshit that Americans have known “in their hearts” at least since the heyday of that imbecile Barry Goldwater? And what will happen if, as is very probable, Trump survives the “Russiagate” tempest and remains in office at least for the balance of one term? Will he serve as a kind of killed virus, inoculating us against further danger from this quarter?

    The reality is that the “reds” in the “red-brown” mix will find themselves good and dead if their asinine Third Way ever does become a true mass movement. So perhaps will many of those on the “left” as loosely defined whom, just at the minute, Trump is only trying to intimidate into silence.

    Much will depend on whether the flim-flammery of Trumpism, which aims to placate, assuage, and ultimately silence his followers as much as his enemies, will be succeeded by real militant organization with the aim of mobilizing masses–and with success in doing this.

    As ever, of course, the brunt of the pain of this bullshit, which includes a vein of soi disant “anti-imperialism,” will be borne by red, brown, and yellow people. This is the true meaning of imperialism–one that is only obscured by the “anti-imperialism” of fools and cryptos.

    This is one reason among many–forgive the tangent– why, when “anti-imperialist” left cultists like the World Socialist Web crowd attack the “identity politics” of e.g. the People’s Climate March of a few weeks back (as an “imperialist” Democratic Party ploy to fragment and divide the left), they are saying exactly the wrong thing. We must counterpose inclusiveness to the self-denying austerity of white racism, the grim calculus that says “at least I ain’t a nigger.”

    It is not mere liberalism to say this. People must get the idea that they are safer joining hands with the peoples of the world than they are with the likes of Putin and Dugin and America’s new authentic fascists. They must see the people marching and be invited to join hands with them.

    It would help, of course, if the left had enough “party” to form a helpful presence in peoples lives–as opposed to the chimerical non-existence of the Democratic and Republican Parties, which one cannot actually join, and on the other hand the terrifying preparation for apocalyptic violence that is the entire program of the red-browns, who do have a community presence and whom one can join.

    Comment by Farans Kalosar — May 18, 2017 @ 4:49 pm

  23. “People must get the idea that they are safer joining hands with the peoples of the world than they are with the likes of Putin and Dugin and America’s new authentic fascists. They must see the people marching and be invited to join hands with them.”

    Yes, this is it. People will have to take the lead as the political system and the parties that participate in it are an impediment.

    Comment by Richard Estes — May 18, 2017 @ 5:01 pm

  24. the pain of this bullshit, which includes a vein of soi disant “anti-imperialism,” will be borne by red, brown, and yellow people.

    And white, red, brown, and yellow people’s pain issued by the terrorized capitalist “superpower” will not compare?

    And what of Putin’s ideology in opposition to the desperate North Atlantic monstrosity? So when “soi dissant” anti-imperialists speak, they speak for Putin? Does that mean the coordinated anti-imperialists speak for the monstrosity?

    Fool indeed.

    Comment by IndianJones — May 18, 2017 @ 6:29 pm

  25. I am a Duginist.

    We are “Occult Neo-Fascists” please get your idiot nomenclature right. Btw, you don’t understand us at all, or have any idea what we actually believe, or what we are up to. That is just fine.

    The Rural People’s Party was a lot of fun, and it led to some important developments in our mind control cult programs, but it was over a long time ago, and frankly is beyond irrelevant when the Alt Right just decapitated your whole liberalism with Trump and is mobilizing to smash antifa this summer.

    We are still working on the formal rule set for the six degrees of Alexander Dugin game, but a couple of points: Porazzo is at best a 2, while Alex Jones is a solid 1. So if you have Jones, what more do you need? He is close with Roger Stone, and Trump. As for the Left, yes we have networks. Yes we have friends. You just have to wait for the Boxed set (complete with collectable trading cards) to find out.

    Also, you completely missed almost every important event involving Alexander Dugin in the last decade, of which there are too many to list. Alexander Dugin parted ways with the National Bolshevik party back in 2000. Since then his main projects have been the Eurasianist Movement, the Fourth Political Theory and his work on metaphysics. We are still National Bolsheviks in our hearts, but Eurasianism is the political vehicle.

    Most recently Alexander Dugin has parted ways with the Katehon think tank, and our new flagship website is geopolitica.ru. (I am not even going to try to explain Orthodox Theology to Marxists, but your misunderstanding of the meaning of Katehon is retarded.)

    The National Bolshevik movement founded by Alexander Dugin and Eduard Limonov was inspired by previous forms, but had no direct connection to any of them, and is not and never was any kind of a Marxist movement. It was and is a completely different kind of project, and was based on an entirely different metaphysical approach from the materialist Ideologies of the Twentieth Century.

    Yes we supported Trump, until he bombed Syria. Then we denounced him. Alexander even called him a transsexual Hillary Clinton. Until the GRU gets the mind control chip working again that operation is over. Oh and sorry about using our clandestine Face book mind control powers to elect an insane television clown with a massive cocaine habit to rule over you. How you like them chickens now, America?

    We are mad deep in the National Front, and have cadres all over Europe, but the Alt Right, like Trump, is an entirely indigenous phenomenon that is purely a product of American politics. I follow the people who organized the Charlottesville event, and I can assure you there isn’t a single National Bolshevik among them. They like Putin and like to name drop Dugin, but our real ideological influence on them is nil. I can count on two hands the active people in the Alt Right who have any serious interest in nationalist revolutionary or third position ideas. I can count on one hand the number who have even read Dugin seriously.

    99% of the Fascism on the Alt Right is a LARP. It is just like when one of you liberals puts on a Che T-shirt and goes to protest march to pretend to be a Communist. The difference is that the Alt Right gets it is a joke, whereas you actually believe in your pretend Left. They are your own American Right in a post-Liberal and post-Libertarian phase, and they are the “White Nationalists” that they say they are. They come from 4chan, not Russia or Germany.

    We await eagerly your incisive Marxist analysis of the this new American Fascism that was born in a Japanese Animation chat room, that elected a deranged reality television clown as its God Emperor, and is led by a graduate student who wrote his dissertation on Adorno. Or you could just cut and paste some SPLC report from five years ago so you can slander one of your bitter personal enemies on the Left, and walk into a corner like a broken windup toy.

    Comment by Akira Zentradi — May 19, 2017 @ 2:51 am

  26. US-led coalition aircraft bombed pro-Syrian regime forces Thursday that “were advancing well inside an established de-confliction zone,” according to a statement issued by Operation Inherent Resolve, the official name for the coalition fighting ISIS.
    The statement said the pro-regime militias “posed a threat to US and partner forces at At Tanf,” a remote base in southern Syria near the Syria-Jordan-Iraq border that coalition advisers have used to train “Vetted Syrian Opposition” to aid the fight against ISIS.

    Defending their “de-confliction zone” means protecting their terrorist nest. The “soi disant” are fascist fellow travelers? What does that make you?

    Comment by Indian Jones — May 19, 2017 @ 2:54 am

  27. “How you like them chickens now, America?” Blowback’s a bitch.

    Comment by IndianJones — May 19, 2017 @ 3:16 am

  28. Jones: the fact that you are too fucking stupid to understand a word anyone says here does not mean that you understand what you yourself are saying. You’ve written nothing but word salad in this thread. Proyect was right about the weed.

    Comment by Farans Kalosar — May 19, 2017 @ 4:20 am

  29. Dear Farans: Your belligerent bullshit fits well here. Say, is precise evasion a requirement for good marx?

    Comment by IndianJones — May 19, 2017 @ 4:58 am

  30. One reason why the right loves name-calling is that it diverts attention from clarity in political matters, including social inequality. Morality and Personal Superiority aside, the left has to (somehow) foster genuine political clarity in place of the starspangled hallucinatory bullshit of the right. Where tough and dirty language obscures this, IMHO it should be avoided

    HA. You ain’t doing too well at that political clarity, comrade, even before the tough and dirty language..

    Comment by IndianJones — May 19, 2017 @ 5:30 am

  31. I very much doubt that I am the first to wonder if our host, Louis, is some sort of provacateur who strives to discredit the Syrian opposition groups. Only those taken in by conspiracy theories could actually believe such drivel. No, Louis firmly supports Al Nusra, Ahrar al Sham, Al-Tawhid Brigade and all the others in their endless permutations (and legal now, hooray).
    But what I find so admirable is the way, when his arguments or logic fail, he never resorts to the name calling and ad hominem attacks so commonly found on the internet. We can only hope that other sites aspire to reach the example he has set.

    Comment by Doug Colwell — May 19, 2017 @ 8:55 am

  32. It’s no accident that “Duginist” sounds so much like “dogshit.”

    Comment by Farans Kalosar — May 19, 2017 @ 9:59 am

  33. Denigrating Syrian opposition as ‘nests of terrorists’ shows that you have learnt your Putinist ideology well, ‘IndianJones’. Same as in Chechnya, your ideology will smooth out any reality and allow you to ignore the bombing , not of terrorists camps, but of cities and villages, hospitals , over and over, and that hundreds of thousands of innocent people have been killed. Assad regime sovereignty doesn’t exist and unless one supports some kind of ‘final solution of the Sunni problem’ I don’t see anything not to cheer about the , uncharacteristic, American attack on the Hezbollah kind of militias that threatened rebels fighting IS. Because of course Russia and Iran and the regime don’t fight IS.

    Comment by Matthew Jackson — May 19, 2017 @ 6:35 pm

  34. Further to Indian Jones asinine remarks, pertinent comment (from Julian Ropckes twitter)

    ‘Also notice: @CJTFOIR did neither support the MOC #FSA in liberating the area from #ISIS nor did it help moderates when #Assad ran over them

    For 2 years,#Assad gave a sh** about #ISIS,ruling the S-E of the country.
    Just after the #FSA liberated those areas,the dictator stepped in.’

    Comment by Matthew Jackson — May 20, 2017 @ 12:07 pm

  35. The freedom-loving post-coup Ukranian government is now continually blocking Internet sites. Long live bourgeois freedom from Stalinist Russian propaganda!


    Comment by Adelson — May 20, 2017 @ 9:29 pm

  36. Yeah, bring back the good old days.

    Ukraine hit by media censorship and cyber attacks
    November 25, 2013 · 6:23 AM UTC
    Christopher J. Miller

    KYIV, Ukraine — Watchdog groups here are warning that the consolidation of media in the hands of a few of the country’s wealthiest businessmen connected to President Viktor Yanukovych is stifling free speech and depressing media pluralism.

    They also say a so-called black PR campaign is damaging the reputations of the most influential journalists and independent news outlets, and that the two efforts are part of a single grand scheme.

    Experts blame the government, which they say is concerned about criticism ahead of a presidential election in 2015, when Yanukovych will attempt to solidify his grip on power.

    Taras Berezovets, director of the political consultancy Berta Communications, says efforts are being made behind closed doors to exert control over news cycles.

    “In the next months we will see this campaign escalating,” he says.

    That will include “cleaning up” publications already under official influence and implementing stricter editorial policies at others recently acquired by government-friendly owners, says Natalya Ligacheva, editor-in-chief of Kyiv-based media watchdog Telekritika.

    “By 2015, almost all influential media in Ukraine will have been made to be loyal to Yanukovych’s government,” she says.

    As a result, journalists are exiting publications en masse.


    Comment by louisproyect — May 20, 2017 @ 9:35 pm

  37. Yeah, and some of those journalists are simply executed. Maybe these are your good old days. With apologies to Carly Simon.

    Comment by Doug Colwell — May 21, 2017 @ 6:23 am

  38. National Bolshevism and the later variants such as The Fourth Political Theory, Eurasianism, etc, are just the latest incarnation of The Beast. The Beast is always Totalitarian. Hannah Arendt wrote extensively about this. Her characterization was superb. Akira Zentradi attempts to distance these factions from what happened in Charlottsville and from Trump, but for all intents and purposes, such events are manifestations of The Beast’s entrance into CONUS mainstream activities. We are in a new phase. It is The Final Phase. The Existential Crisis will be upon us. Real Americans spanning from conservatives to Marxists and all between will join hands to defeat The Beast. This time around, there will not be oceans between us and the main areas of operation. This time it will be truly global.

    Comment by Arch General — September 13, 2017 @ 9:11 pm

  39. Infuriating and foolish article from a rather ignorant individual and run-of-the-mill progressive/leftwing globalist with a very black and white world view. How one can unironically write the following goes beyond me: “The nativism that defines UKIP, the Trump administration and other ultraright parties that have been coming together in an informal global movement taking inspiration from the Kremlin is certainly going to antagonize an Indian immigrant in England where a dark skin is an open invitation to a beating.” –> If one truly believes a single word in that sentence, one is deluded. Implying either of these groups are nativist (or supported by the kremlin) is factually incorrect, most of the time they try to prove how “anti-racist” they are (that is to say: anti-native and hence anti-white), Nigel Farage even promised to return to politics if an “islamophobic” candidate becomes the head of the party. Trump doesn’t enjoy the support of the far right anymore, especially not after bombing Syria’s Assad, that was the watershed moment. But in the simplistic world view of the author such facts do not fit the narrative, so they’re ignored – It’s freaky. This type of delusion is typical for the western far left, which clearly watches too much MSNBC; the suggestion that all the groups mentioned above are supported by the Kremlin is a libturd lie, after all. And most annoyingly; it’s truly idiotic to think that “having a dark skin” in Britain is an open invitation to a beating – there is no alternative universe in which such things happen, Britain is even more openly ethnomasochist and suicidal than Sweden, the white guilt and selfhatred is very strong over there. One look at the interracial crime states proves the contrary however: being a native Briton is what invites unprovoked violence and rape from African and Asian settlers, whom do not give two shits about the nation they are destroying and replacing. More factual would’ve been: Being female and English is an open invitation to be forced into prostitution by Pakistani migrants. But that’s something the author ignores, because the author does not care about his own people or country, he merely wants the support of migrants for his own disastrous ideological project.

    Comment by Rolf — October 20, 2017 @ 7:27 am

  40. Being female and English is an open invitation to be forced into prostitution by Pakistani migrants.

    Heil Hitler.

    Comment by louisproyect — October 20, 2017 @ 11:56 am

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