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January 26, 2016

US and Jordan demand Southern Front rebels stop fighting Assad, cut off “support”

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Syrian Revolution Commentary and Analysis

By Michael Karadjis

According to two articles attached below this post, a number of changes have been taking place in southern Syria, where the Southern Front (SF) of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) holds sway over much of Daraa and Quneitra provinces, and shares a border with Jordan, through which the US, Saudi Arabia and Jordan itself attempt to exercise sway over the situation.

The first article (https://now.mmedia.me/lb/en/NewsReports/566514-daraa-rebels-ordered-to-stop-fighting-syria-regime-report) claims that the Military Operations Room (MOC) in Amman, Jordan, through which these countries have contact with the SF, has ordered the SF to stop fighting the regime, and even to avoid the more patchy conflicts with ISIS (merely because ISIS has so little presence in the south), and instead to make war against Jabhat al-Nusra. The second article (http://www.mei.edu/content/article/has-jordan-acquiesced-assad-regime-offensive-southern-syria) describes how the Kingdom of Jordan, where the MOC is based, is coordinating with both the US and…

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  1. Wow! Excellent article by Michael Karadjis, on all points. It is really sad how Syrians are being screwed around. And it makes me angry how those in the West who identify with the Left dont even bother to read contrary views to Fisk or gobalreserach or RT, or even question them. So sad, and so angry…

    Comment by seaspan — January 28, 2016 @ 12:22 am

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