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October 19, 2015

Was the Cold War good for the world?

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Was the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, and the many hot proxy wars it spawned in Asia and the Americas, a good thing for mothers and their children and other living things? That’s what Patrick Cockburn, long-time war correspondent argues in a recent piece intended to show that yet another escalated proxy war between major powers could, in fact, be great for the long-suffering people of Syrian.

A go-to expert on world affairs for center-left news organizations and British lawmakers alike — last month he encouraged the latter to quit worrying and join the increasingly crowded war on terror in Syria’s skies — the latest column from “our respected commentator,” as his employers at The Independent describe him, should call into question whether he is fact worthy of respect from those on the left. Titled, “Syria crisis: Let’s welcome Russia’s entry into this war

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  1. I invite mr Cockburn to actually quailfy that these “COINSURNGENCIES” that fell like a wet blanket on these Cold war “hotspots” where USSR and American interventionists “kept eachother in check” in the de facto back drop to “cold war” violence… NAME one fucking case study mr Cockburn where this “tendency” served as a moderator of violence for the betterment of mankind…. Also russian “imperialism” is an oxymoron. Where is the Empire? Where is the extensive network of overseas bases? Even at the HEIGHT of Russian global “influence” they were not even close to approximate an empire. Now this russian “psudoempire” is allegedly on the rise. Chomsky usually cites Cockburn as a “reliable” source but he would firmly oppose the view of “imperlists power” “moderating” eachothers violence. Whatever that means in an actual [case] context. He would go on to stress that the “kremlin” card probably was abused vastly in regards to “real political Kremlin” influence. Furthermore the “russian” pseudoempire -at its very own borders- was lured into the quagmire of Afghanistan thank’s to a daft superchessmove of Brez (as pictured in his (c)hessian playbook.). Afghanistan is one of the greatest “Case studies” if you want to cherrypick “proxymilitarism” in “cold war violence”


    Comment by Syntagma squared — October 20, 2015 @ 3:35 pm

  2. “Was the Cold War good for the world?”

    I guess if people are even asking this question it doesn’t say much for US hegemony!

    “increasingly crowded war on terror in Syria’s skies”

    You were not crowing about this before Russia joined the party. Are a Russophobe?

    This would explain your position on Ukraine. Did you watch too many red scare movies as a child?

    This brings me to another aspect of the cold war, the affect on the populations, all those propaganda movies. You seem to be a prime example of the damage they can do!

    Comment by Simon Provertier — October 20, 2015 @ 4:04 pm

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