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September 1, 2015

Syria’s rebels are empire’s pawns (except America’s favorite proxy)

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Source: Syria’s rebels are empire’s pawns (except America’s favorite proxy)


  1. “to downplay the decisive role that U.S. imperialism has played in defending what appears to be a leftist revolution”

    “What appears to be” being the pertinent point here. The US are simply doing what they have always done in the Middle East, creating sectarian hell in order to further their own strategic interests.

    “I too have been challenged by the fact that were it not for an extensive air campaign that the United States reluctantly carried out in Kobane, it might very well not exist.”

    But it was US imperialist policy that threatened its survival in the first place! This is how US imperialism works, it creates the problem and then rides into town to clear it up but creates more problems in the process. It is very much how gangsterism works. The local Mafia expect the people to be grateful that they are cleaning up the crime in the town!

    “One can also acknowledge that while it might sully the beneficiaries’ anti-imperialist credentials to accept U.S. aid, those beneficiaries would say that in a world full of bad options they chose the least-bad one available, preferring it to genocide.”

    By fueling the fire of sectarian division over many years the US have made ‘genocide’ inevitable. The question is who will this genocide be carried out against? It seems the enlightened ones want that genocide to be carried out against the Islamists.

    I really can’t be bothered to read the rest of it.

    The Kurdish authority in Iraq have used their oil power to make demands on the rest of Iraq. This has increased sectarian division and has helped foster the rise of ISIS. The product of the Iraq war was just as the anti imperialists had predicted, Iraq would be split into 3 and the result of that would be a descent into sectarian disaster. The leftists Kurds are as responsible for this as ISIS or any other grouping in Iraq. The Kurds want to be Kuwait, a small nation that enriches itself while impoverishing its neighbours. Again imperial policy leads in a reactionary direction. And this imperial policy has infected the entire region.

    The left should wholeheartedly oppose US imperialism, they should argue that US imperialism is part of the problem (a huge part) and opposing it is part of the solution (a huge part). They should not be hoodwinked by claims of humanitarian intervention, they should be guilt tripped into supporting the biggest investors of carnage and division.

    The apologists can go to hell!

    Comment by Simon Provertier — September 1, 2015 @ 6:43 pm

    by Joris Leverink “Kurdish Question”
    01 Sept 2015


    Comment by prianikloff — September 1, 2015 @ 7:30 pm

  3. I recall from the biginning fthe FSA was accused of being a force for Washington. Maybe that was a slanderous accusation but it made sense in the grand scheme of things. So what I am about to outline is probably not news to anyone but Ithink it needs to be repeated to see how things fit together. Iran was backing Assad even though Assad was not an Islamists. It was claimed that Assad was helping Iran smuggle supplies to Hezbollah and Hamas. That is a claim which certianly makes sense. Hezbollah, Hamas and Iran have a common enemy the USA (Syria too for that matter). Since the USA is to far away for Iran to threaten with much effect the best that it can do is threaten Israel to counter American threats to the existance of the Islamic Republic.
    So when the uprising started in Syria Iran was in no way shape or form going to abandon their ally, for two reasons that I can easily imagine.
    First they want to show they they do not forget who their friends are. Second of all they could not trust who ever took power after Assad would continue to serve as a conduit for Iranian support for Hezbollah and Hamas. Russia no doubt has its own reasons for continuing to back Assad.
    So it makes sense that the USA would back the FSA. What kinds of strings were attached to this help those of us not in high levels of the US intellegence services can only guess at.
    So that made and makes the FSA a big fat question mark for any western leftist. At least it should make the FSA a big fat question mark to any western leftist. Therefore any member of the FSA who thinks that the west should support them just because they are against Assad clearly needs to grow up.
    Now the Kurdish forces seem to have a better record to proclaim their socialists credentials. None the less it would be copletely illogical for werstern leftists to offer them any thing more than our best wishes. Western leftist do not have the luxury of supporting this apparently good cause because its chances of success are to small and there are a lot of other things that need to be done. Shit Haiti has not even been rebuilt since the earthquake.
    Furthermore all most every western leftist claims that they want to make massive cuts in the western defence budgets if not eliminate them entirely. Just how are we supposed to militarily help Kurds in the mid east if we gut our militaries. And the militaries should be gutted, especially the navies. The Kurds need a great military leader on the par of Ghengis Khan if they want to have a future. Sadly for them I am tied up with other work right now.
    Here is the advice that I would give the Syrian Kurds if they would ask me. Start abandoning all of your tacttcally indefensible territories now. If neccesary drive other people out of their homes but offer them a trade of territory if they surrender. If they do not surrunder they will be defeated anyways and the only place that they will have to go will be the areas that you have abandon which you destroyed or not depending on how fast they give up. Then have a plan to evacuate the population to Iraqi Kurdistan if neccessary.
    You Kurds have to recognize that you are probavly all going to die. We live on a planet that has a tempreture of 103.8° F. and rising fast. War is a massiave misuse of the world’s resources. The USA is not going to be there to bail you out. How can a courntry with no Navy even get there?
    This is what I am going to do to anyone who does not like my plan to abolish the navy of the UNited States. On the 4th of July all those who complain about abolishing the navy will be lined up on Interstate 35 just north of Waco Texas. These puppets for the MIC will be laid face down end to end on the interstate at 4pm and have a 500 lb. slabe of concrte placed over the top of them. One ton of molten lava will then be slowly poured over the slabs of conrete until these idiots are grounded in reality. If moten lava is not available then bricks straight out of the oven will be substituted. So you can see the navy has no future in the USA. Oh sure there will still be a Department of the Navy. It will consist of the Coast Guard the Marine Corp. and the Search and Rescue Service. The Marine Corp will not take part in any military training exercises what so ever.
    It makes no sense at all to prepare for an invasion of the USA which would never happen anyways when we are threaten by a very real appocolypse due to global warming.
    Yes the fate of the Kurds does not look promiosing and that does not bring me any joy. But when the USA suts its strings with Israel and Saudi Arabia it is only a matter of time before the zionists and the Saudi Royal Family gets whats comming to them as well. They will probably not survie either. The Kurds could maybe cut a deal with Iran but with the USA gone form the scene but they will not have much to bargin with.
    Best Wishes,
    Curt Kahrstens

    Comment by Curt Kastens — September 1, 2015 @ 9:02 pm

  4. Some might wonder why the USA would have a Marine Corp when it will not even conduct any military exersices. The answer is so that they can answer for their institutions misbehavior. They will be punished. They will be forced to think. For a Marine that is a pretty harsh punishement.
    They are going to be forced to come up with practical solutions to all of the problems that their pals created. Solutions that do not require anything that is not already available in the USA.

    Comment by Curt Kastens — September 1, 2015 @ 9:14 pm

  5. So it makes sense that the USA would back the FSA. What kinds of strings were attached to this help those of us not in high levels of the US intellegence services can only guess at.

    You fucking solipsistic jack-off. Don’t you understand what data is? Don’t you know how to document your claims? What if someone said that it makes sense that the Jews were to blame for German economic woes in the 1920s? That’s the sort of argument Adolph Hitler made. I don’t mind that you love Bashar al-Assad. You can jack off as you look at his photo in the privacy of your bedroom. But the next time you sully this blog with such a pile of unsubstantiated half-ass bullshit, you are out of here.

    Comment by louisproyect — September 1, 2015 @ 10:53 pm

  6. Prianikoff, did I ever state that the USA was pro-Kurd? You have a good answer to the wrong question. I argued that the “anti-imperialist” left was strikingly permissive when it came to US air power being deployed on behalf of the Kurds in the battle over Kobane and that such an intervention on behalf of the FSA would have generated a zillion articles in Counterfire, WSWS.org, Global Research, et al. Learn to think, dude.

    Comment by louisproyect — September 1, 2015 @ 11:11 pm

  7. #6 They’re “permissive” because almost the entire international left understands that ISIS are barbaric, reactionary thugs. (most people who write for “Global Research” probably think they’re being run by a combination of the US, Israel and the Saudis anyway)

    It would have been completely crazy for the YPG to turn down the offer of US air support when faced with ISIS. But the PKK received no air support when defended the Yazidis on Mt Sinjar and has been able to organise the local population to defend itself.

    Nor could air support alone have protected the Rojava cantons.
    ISIS could only be stopped by a mass movement with a progressive policy of unifying the ethnic and religious groups in the area against reactionary terror.

    You imply that the YPG-J are the “favourite proxies” of the US, but as I’ve tried to point out, the real situation is far more complex than that.
    Most importantly, you consistently ignore the role of Turkey.

    There is indeed a danger that the the US might “turn” the PYD.
    Just the other day Salih Muslim actually offered bases in the Rojava cantons to the Coalition forces .
    He also offered to TRAIN FSA forces (the YPG were allied with elements of the FSA “Firat Volcano” during the siege of Kobane)

    This offer was based on them fighting ISIS and is obviously designed to stop the Turkish government setting up its “safe zone”,
    But his offer is very unlikely to be taken up.
    As I’ve already pointed out, the alliance with Turkey is far more important to the US than its alliance with the PYD-YPG.
    Nor is there’s any evidence Turkey will end its repression against the PKK.

    I seriously doubt that the PYD is going to turn against its close allies in the PKK.
    It’s more likely that they are engaged in sophisticated diplomatic moves in their own theatre, while the PKK and HDP do likewise in Turkey.
    The forthcoming Turkish elections and the crackdown in the South East make it particularly important for the organisations of the Turkish working class (which mostly oppose their government’s policy on Syria) to get involved.
    They are the real sleeping giant in this situation.

    Comment by prianikoff — September 2, 2015 @ 9:05 am

  8. 1. FSA=??? 2. Documentation of Claims = Heaping lots of Hearasay in to a commentary 3. Any documentation can be faked and it is very hard to tell the difference between that which is faked and that which is not. 4. One thing that can not be faked is that Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey are a long way from the USA. 5.) Another thing that can not be faked is that the Syrians, and the Iraqis, and the Turks, and the Iranians, and the Kurds and the Lebonese all deserve each other. 6.) Finally point number 6 and 7 is that Israel does not belong in the Middle East. Some Jews can stay if they want to but only as part of a one state solution for Palestine. These Jews who stay can even have some autonomy, with their own militia but certinally no Air Force, let alone nuclear weapons.
    As the greatest military genius since Gengis Khan, and the greatest politcal genius since Deganawida, and the greatest Real Estate Agent since Thomas Paine, I would advise Jews living in Israel to sell your house now while you can still get a good price for it, and get out.

    Comment by Curt Kastens — September 2, 2015 @ 10:28 am

  9. Any documentation can be faked and it is very hard to tell the difference between that which is faked and that which is not.

    That is fine. But at least make the appearance, starting with the bourgeois press, scholarly journals, and the like. What I will not abide is empty thumb-sucking opinionating. That might pass muster elsewhere–not here.

    Comment by louisproyect — September 2, 2015 @ 12:20 pm

  10. Riiiiiiight, so you want to pretend that scholarly jouirnals and the mainstream press is documentation??? Hahahahaha you are even a funnier comedeian than I am and I thought that I was unparalleled in that respect. Can you not hear the Axes being sharpened? Yes you can use that as your cue to Ax me. No, I am not asking that you ax me. I am just saying you have axed people for less. The last time I got axed it was from Black Five.

    Comment by Curt Kastens — September 2, 2015 @ 3:31 pm

  11. Kastens, I am asking you to back up your assertions with some fucking data. Do you know what data is? Below is an example. And you can bet your ass I will ban you if you waste bandwidth slandering the FSA without making an attempt to back up your slander with some data. I don’t mind you being wrong. Most of the left is wrong on Syria. What I object to is your wasting bandwidth with empty conjecture.


    The FSA officer said they had also bought assault rifles and grenades from Iraq, which were trucked across the border or carried on donkeys. Equipment also crossed from Lebanon.

    Rebels paid about 350,000 Syrian pounds ($4,000) for Katyusha rockets and 100,000 pounds for anti-tank missiles.

    “We get LAW (anti-tank missiles) and Katyusha rockets as well as ammunition like bullets and grenades. We buy them from arms dealers – it is easy in Lebanon,” the officer said. “The Jordanians have blocked most of our supplies from there.”

    Rebel fighters have said they were also in possession of thousands of Belgian FN FAL assault rifles.

    “One of the most dispersed type of assault rifles in the world is the Belgian manufactured FN FAL which dates back to the 1960s. It’s probably quite likely to be old. They have a far greater range than the Kalashnikov-pattern weapons circulating in the region,” said Conflict Armament Research’s Bevan.

    Two maritime security sources said they were aware of attempts also being made to procure light arms on behalf of Syrian rebels via private security firms in South Africa.

    “What’s being discussed are test runs using surplus arms inside South Africa. We are talking about paper bags full of cash involved. It’s as simple and crude as that and it’s untraceable,” the maritime intelligence source said.

    Comment by louisproyect — September 2, 2015 @ 3:50 pm

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