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May 11, 2014

Michael Sams reacts to being drafted by the St. Louis Rams

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  1. I watched his reaction yesterday. I haven’t felt this elated about someone being drafted that wasn’t going to my beloved NY Jets in a very long time. The moment he shared with hid partner was heart warming. The cake/pie/icing to the face was classic. There’s always been gays in sports and I honestly don’t think he’s going to run into homophobia in the locker room. It’ll probably all come from opposing teams fans.

    Comment by Jim Brash — May 11, 2014 @ 1:40 pm

  2. Sam’s end-of-draft selection caps a shameful episode in American sports history and the NFL in particular. Sam was the SEC Defensive Player of the Year. He was the best defensive player in the best college football conference. All those who previously won this same award have been high Round 1 selections with a single exception who was selected in Round 2. They all became instant multi-millionaires. Sam should have easily been among the top 30 players in the draft and no lower than the top 50. His selection as #249 will cost him millions of dollars and as a 7th Round draft choice he is clearly slated to being cut and never making the actual team. rarely does a late round choice make the team. If he stands out in training camp, at best he might get a one-year contract at the league minimum pay. This choice was an act of cowardice by the NFL and major American sports. It should not be hailed as a victory for anyone or anything except anti-gay prejudice. Earlier this year I showed all the data and asked the question which has now been sadly answered.

    Comment by Richard Greener — May 11, 2014 @ 2:06 pm

  3. Richard Greener obviously knows next to nothing about football. Sam was drafted just about where he should have been for the following reasons he is to small and light to set an edge against 320 lb. offensive linemen, his pass defense is almost non existent, he had a terrible combine slow time in the 40, and high jump and broad jump less than average. He can rush the passer from the end position well but if he doesn’t perform decently on special teams his chances of making the 53 man roster are slim. His position in the draft #249 had nothing to do with his sexual orientation and everything to do marginal football skills. At any rate he now has a chance to show his wares it will be interesting to see which of us is correct about his football skills.

    Comment by Michael Tormey — May 11, 2014 @ 10:58 pm

  4. “Richard Greener obviously knows next to nothing about football.”

    Is that a big fault in your view? What a sorry one it must be then.

    Why should the left give a shit about the ability of 1 gay guy out of millions scoring a million dollar contract? It means nothing, like black faces in high places. How is the Obama presidency working out for black workers?

    Comment by Steve D — May 12, 2014 @ 3:38 am

  5. If “the left” really doesn’t “give a shit” about one man, one worker being unfairly discriminated against and unfairly paid because of his sexual orientation… then what does “the left” care about? Is there an hourly wage limit to “the left’s” consideration as worthy? Do pro football players just make too much money? So, they’re on their own? Or is it that Sam is only “1 gay guy”? Does “the left” reserve its blessings only for massive numbers of workers? All masses are made up of individual workers. Michael Sam is representative of a entire class of workers, and he deserves to paid what he’s worth – as do all workers. Obama’s many failings do not excuse corporate abuse in the NFL or other areas of life “the left” may not find interesting. I thought “the left” cared about ALL workers.

    Comment by Richard Greener — May 12, 2014 @ 2:41 pm

  6. Knowing next to nothing about football is not a fault at all big or little, it only becomes a concern when one tries to make a case that Michael Sam was discriminated against because of his sexual orientation and he would have been drafted much higher if he were not gay. In many cases it would be an easy jump to make and quite appropriate because capitalism is based on discrimination of all sorts and wage slavery, racial injustice, sexism etc. are cards they historically and routinely play. However, when you go from the general to the specific anomalies do occur. Michael Sam is far from a complete football as I stated in the past he can not set an edge, he does not get off blocks well in the run game, and he has no pass defense skills, couple all this with a poor combine and you get a late round draft choice who can rush the quarterback. If you recall and only fans of the game of football will Andre Ware, Charlie Ward, Danny Wuerffel, Chris Wienke, Eric Crouch, Matt Leinnart, and Troy Smith, have all won the Heisman trophy emblematic of the best player in college football in the last 25 years and all have been busts so college awards are meaningless. He will now get his chance to perform and if he does he will play as the correct version of the old saw goes “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”. As most likely the only one in the discussion that has seen him play I have reservations about his ability but I may be wrong we should have a good reading by September.

    Comment by Michael Tormey — May 12, 2014 @ 4:31 pm

  7. I will not debate football skills or player analysis with Mr. Tormey. I prefer to do that with knowledgeable fans not those who simply repeat the NFL-employed pundits excuses for Michael Sam’s shamefully late selection. I doubt Tormey has ever seen Michael actually play football. But, when Tormey says, “so college awards are meaningless” how does he explain the high draft choices of those he uses to make his point? Nobody ever knows how well any college player will do in the NFL, but if awards mean nothing why was Mr. Tormey’s Andre Ware a 1st Round choice? So was Matt Liennart picked in Round 1. Tormey’s other “busts” were drafted in Rounds #3, #4 or #5. None were picked #249 in the 7th Round like Sam was. And none were gay, like Sam is. Eric Crouch, who Mr. Tormey says had a lousy pro career, nevertheless signed a $1.3 million contract with a signing bonus of $395,000. How much is Michael Sam getting? Regarding Charlie Ward, who was not drafted by the NFL at all, Mr. Tormey neglects to mention that he was also a basketball star who became the #1 NBA draft choice in 1994 of the New York Knicks going on to an All-Star career. I’ll stick with my analysis. If Michael Sam was “straight” or still closeted he would have been drafted among the top 30-50 players at the lowest. Instead of no contract with no signing bonus and no guaranteed money, Sam would have received millions. And, isn’t it strange that while homosexuality seems unwelcome in the NFL, the league is chuck full of violent heterosexual offenders? What say you to that, Mr. Tormey, just coincidence?

    Comment by Richard Greener — May 12, 2014 @ 8:16 pm

  8. Not a coincidence at all if you can play the teams will try to protect you, they all have a security unit whose job is to keep players out of trouble or once in trouble try to cover it up and extricate them from further trouble and embarrassment. Only when the Commonwealth arrested Hernandez and briefed the Pats ( they already knew) about the coming charges did they release him. Ray Rice another example; no the NFL is by no means a worthy organization and many players should face much sterner penalties no disagreement there. As to me following the pundits on Michael Sam I plead not guilty you wrote about Michael Sam quite awhile ago and I chimed in then as to my feelings on his ability. Living in Florida and being retired with not much to do I read, walk, swim and travel to college football games Florida, Georgia, Florida State, and even a game in Tuscaloosa so yes I have really seen him play and I hope he beats the odds but I have doubts. Jerry Smith the first ever primarily pass catching tight end was gay and a great player nobody seems to remember or talk about him, look up his record.

    Comment by Michael Tormey — May 13, 2014 @ 2:11 am

  9. Getting drafted is seen as a success. There’s no reason for gays to celebrate one success story as something that will effect all gays. It won’t. Same as a black president didn’t effect all blacks. Same as Hilary being elected will benefit women, which is to say not at all. The left should be concerned with the emancipation of workers as a class, not rare individual “american dreams.” Maybe you want to celebrate the rare worker who climbs the ladder and becomes a big capitalist too?

    Btw, becoming a pro essentially takes one out of the working class. The proletariat is defined by wage slavery, the need to sell its labor power for less than its value. Having millions allows one to live the rest of their lives without ever working again if they choose.

    Comment by Steve D — May 14, 2014 @ 6:11 am

  10. I think that Michael Sam was a very hard dedicated young black player, only because he came out and opened up about his sexual preference should not have had anything to do with with his sexual preface, straight people have a right to their sexual preface, so why are gay people put into a certain catagory and then judged. I think that NFL took the coward way out and used Michael’s sexual preferance to cut him. His sexual preferance had nothing to do with him playing ball!!!!!!!!!!!. My question is had he not come out with his sexual preference would he be judge and cut from the NFL. I feel that now we are in 2015 and sexual preferance is still used in the form to discriminate against people whether by their race or their sexual preference. I am going to pray for Michael and hope that god sees something bigger in what Michael is trying to do in his professional life . Man might have the first say so, but god has the last say so. It is so strange how african Americans have to continue to prove themselves and work three times as hard. Michael you will always be my hero on the feild or off the feild!!!!!! May God bless you and just know that NFL might have won the battle, but you will win the war!!!!!!! Just remember who you are!!!! I think that you just showed the whole world that!!!!!!

    Comment by R Bohlen — December 28, 2014 @ 9:54 pm

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