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February 20, 2014

Another false alarm over “war with Syria”

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It’s so interesting how the Baathist left never has a word to say about Syria as long as American intervention is off the table. But the merest rhetoric over “red lines” gets them worked up like a weasel on Dexedrine.

Last week a WSJ article made the rounds on all the pro-Baathist websites about how the Saudis were going to arm the rebels with Manpads. All of a sudden the Baathist tools woke up from their deep slumber and began warning about how “regime change” was on the agenda once again. It didn’t matter to them that the Baathists were starving people into submission after the fashion of Leningrad’s 900 days during WWII or that helicopters were dropping barrel bombs on working class tenements. In their eyes, all’s fair in love and war. Plus, such brutality was necessary in order to prevent the rise of the dreaded Sharia law and al-Qaeda (leaving aside the reality that ISIL was in a de facto alliance withe the Baathists.) Sometimes you have to destroy a city in order to save it.

Meanwhile, there are two things worth considering. First of all, this Reuters article states that the USA remains opposed to the rebels getting such weapons. Does anybody in their right mind think that the Saudis will ignore American wishes?

(Reuters) – The United States is opposed to the supply of shoulder-fired missiles, capable of taking down warplanes, to rebel forces in Syria, a senior Obama administration official said on Tuesday.

The official, traveling with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in Tunisia, was responding to a report in the Wall Street Journal on Friday which said Saudi Arabia had offered to give Syrian rebels Chinese man-portable air defense systems, or MANPADS, and anti-tank guided missiles from Russia.

The newspaper cited an Arab diplomat and several opposition sources with knowledge of the efforts.

The Obama administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said, “The administration remains opposed to any provision of MANPADS to the Syrian opposition.”

Next we learn from Debka that in order to placate Israel, Obama persuaded the Saudis to relieve Prince Bandar of his duties:

The Saudi intelligence chief crossed the Americans by supplying weapons and money to Syrian rebels belonging to Islamist militias – though not al Qaeda. He was the driving force behind the formation of the Islamic Front coalition, which last month beat the Free Syrian Army backed by Washington into the ground.

Some Gulf sources say he is paying the price for the kingdom’s failure in Syria. Bandar promised King Abdullah thatg he would take care of getting rid of Bashar Assad. He not only fell down on this task, but he generated a clash between the Obama administration and the Saudi throne on the Syrian issue, say those sources.

The most striking evidence of his comedown came from his absence from the secret conclave held recently by Middle East intelligence chiefs to coordinate their positions on Syrian with Washington.

Instead of Prince Bandar, his seat was taken by his leading adversary on Syria, the Saudi Interior Minister, Prince Mohammed bin Nayef.

Prince Mohammed is a favorite at the White House and a close friend of Secretary of State John Kerry and CIA Director John Brennan.

Of course, none of this will assuage those on an ideological mission to whitewash one of the most vicious and reactionary dictatorships on the planet since the days of General Pinochet. How will history judge those who propagandized on behalf of Bashar al-Assad using leftist rhetoric? Not very kindly, I believe.

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  1. Only once in history has Uncle Sam ever armed rebels with shoulder fired S.A.Ms and that ironically was the Taliban when the USSR was still around. The launchers are probably still lying about but by design it’s impossible to get ammo.

    Comment by Karl Friedrich — February 20, 2014 @ 3:28 pm

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