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April 14, 2011

An Island of Pro-Empire Intrigue?

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Al-Jazeera: An Island of Pro-Empire Intrigue
by Sukant Chandan

The Empire admits: without Al-Jazeera, they could not have bombed Libya.

How did Al-Jazeera, once dubbed the ‘terror network’ by some and whose staff were martyred by US bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan, end up becoming the media war propagandist for yet another Western war against a small state of the Global South, Libya?  We will not know the full details for some time; perhaps some wikileaks will help us understand later.  But this much is already certain: the station is betraying gross political bias against its pan-Arab and pan-Islamic anti-imperialist constituency, reflected by its discriminatory reporting on the region based on Qatar’s interests and its relations and service to the West.


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BBC Summary of World Broadcasts
January 7, 2004, Wednesday

Kuwaiti paper details Libyan-Israeli contacts aimed at establishing normal ties

SOURCE: Al-Siyasah web site, Kuwait, in Arabic 6 Jan 04


The European diplomatic sources have said that Al-Qadhafi’s son Sayf al-Islam and Libyan Intelligence Director Musa Kusa “met Israeli political and security officials several times in August and November in London and Geneva with Qatari  assistance. These meetings may have paved the way for the crucial meeting in Vienna last week and the resulting agreement on a visit to Tripoli by an Israeli delegation”. A British official in British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s government denied yesterday that his government was aware that the head of Israel’s Mosad had made a secret visit to Libya in December of last year. Several German intelligence reports had confirmed such a visit two weeks ago. However, the same British official declined to comment on the Vienna meeting between Israelis and Libyans in the presence of Americans. He only said that his country “hopes that relations between Tripoli and Tel Aviv will improve as soon as possible”.

In a telephone contact with Al-Siyasah, the European diplomatic sources revealed that from the beginning, Washington, London and Tripoli consulted Egypt on President as published Al-Qadhafi’s intentions. They added that Egypt blessed these Libyan steps and encouraged Tripoli to proceed with it to the end and normalize relations with Israel. Egypt was thus capitalizing on Al-Qadhafi’s numerous positive signals towards Tel Aviv and the Jews over the past two years. The European diplomatic sources added that Egypt “exerted serious efforts to convince Al-Qadhafi’s son Sayf al-Islam, who has tremendous influence on his father, to sign a peace treaty with Israel”. The same European diplomatic sources cited US diplomats in Vienna as confirming that the issue of normalization of Libyan-Israeli relations “was one of the most important articles in the deal that was concluded with Al-Qadhafi. The other two less important articles in the deal pertained to the removal of weapons of mass destruction and the opening of Libyan soil to an American-British military presence and an economic presence of American and British oil companies”.

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  1. It’s clearly an interesting topic. Al Jezeera, like all comercial press, has an an agenda ultimately antithetical to the revolutionary proletarian & historically oppressed masses but from a slightly different angle than the BBC or World Corp or the NY Times or NBC — oweing to certain ruling class and inter-imperialist rivalries.

    I’d love to ferret out these distinctions but I’ve just completed an 8 hour shift of fixing workers’ leaking & terribly engineered, inefficient vehicles and am just too tired to investigate the subtleties.

    One thing’s for certain, when you watch the documentary “who killed the electric car” it becomes crystal clear what enormous intractable crimes Big Oil and their ancillary partners (militarism & the auto industry) have perpetrated on this godforesaken living planet.

    If urban grafitti offers any glimmer of hope of the consciousness of the simmering masses, I noticed today two timely messages. The first was spray painted in large white letters on a big brown dumpster in front of a thoughorly working class (if not lumpen) apartment complex that read: FUCK OBAMA! — and then a mile away at a Valero gas station written in black El Marko all over the pumps was scrawled: FUCK BIG OIL! SCUMBAGS!

    Comment by Karl Friedrich — April 15, 2011 @ 1:23 am

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