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April 10, 2011

MRZine regular circulates anti-Semitic filth

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This is from the Sons of Malcolm blog of Sukant Chandan, a British citizen of Indian origin who has become quite the regular on MRZine:

The US State Dept and its Jewish cadres have been agitating the Egyptian youth movement since 2008 according to many references published on the internet. So this is something the US has been working on. Not just exploited after the fact, but guided. True the millions didn’t take to the street for the love of America, but the millions don’t have any clear direction so the youth who have taken classes with America’s State Dept. Jews are giving them guidance. And if there’s no leadership that actually does raise the international issues, then those won’t be raised by the masses spontaneously.

And if the youth in Jordan are deliberately avoiding these big issues as it may seem, and if they are going to limit their activity to that which the US can accept, then what good is this activity?

It doesn’t really matter if Chandan did not write this filth himself. He made the decision to publish the article by Muhammad Nasr, a long-time anti-Semite who writes for http://freearabvoice.org/. And Furuhashi made the decision to publish Chandan, who is backward and ignorant enough to feature this garbage on his blog.

It is also telling that the article was dated March 28, long after charges about State Department involvement with the anti-Mubarak youth had been discredited (I leave the business about “Jewish cadres” in the toilet where it belongs). It gives you a good idea of the conspiratorial mindset of the MRZine/Sons of Malcolm/Michel Chossudovsky wing of the left (I use the term left charitably.)

This Chandan is a real piece of work. He was sending links to his junk to the Marxmail list when he was a subscriber for a brief time. When I demanded that he at least try to defend his low-level synthesis of what he thought Marxism was (I imagine it came mostly from staring at Che Guevara posters) and radical Islam (and the al-Qaeda strain most alarmingly), he refused. I can’t remember whether I unsubbed him or he unsubbed himself. Needless to say, I should have booted him a week or so after he showed up. I remember Weatherpeople on acid trips from the 70s who made more sense than him.

Although Richard Seymour has erred in the past by providing a platform for the equally daffy Furuhashi on his blog, I think his most recent encounter with Chandan will inoculate him against this “anti-imperialist” mental ward. He spoke at a debate about intervention in Libya on the same side as Chandan but found himself feeling more akin to the other side in the debate after listening to the drivel coming out of Chandan’s mouth:

But he was relatively innocuous compared to Sukant Chandan, whose breathtaking defence of the Qadhafi regime and insistence on hectoring Libyans present, including Hamid from the Libyan Youth Movement, left activists infuriated. I mean, literally fuming. Sukant’s opening line was a cracker, to be sure. “Qadhafi never called me a p***. My beef is not with Qadhafi, it’s with the Brits.” The subsequent argument involved harnessing unexceptionable observations about imperialism to a less tenable argument that Qadhafi’s regime represented some kind of advanced welfare state, and that his opponents are ‘Contras’. He also argued that the uprising in Syria was an imperialist subvention, intended to undermine Hezbollah. Stunned gasps and disbelieving laughter from the Libyan activists in the audience.

Hamid offered only a qualified and very reluctant defence of the NATO intervention. “We did not want NATO to come, but what alternatives did we have? No one helped us, no one armed us. We know what the West is about, we know what NATO is – but if someone tells us what the alternative is, I will be happy to hear it.” I don’t agree with this, for reasons you know well enough, and I admit I rolled my eyes impatiently when he claimed that Libya had carried out Lockerbie. But he ended up spending far more of his time attempting to defend the reputation of the revolution from its calumniator, and to this extent I found I had far more in common with him than I had with the Son of Malcolm. At one point, as Sukant repeatedly barracked Hamid, demanding that he stipulate his opposition to Africom setting up a base in Libya and confirm that Palestine is the number one issue for Middle Eastern freedom – yes, literally, demanded – an Egyptian woman stood up and begged him to “drop it”. “This is why people are pissed off with you. It’s not about imperialism, we agree with you on all of that, it’s that you’re so arrogant!” After a few more mouthfuls of frustrated anger, she walked out. And there was more where that came from. As the crowd dwindled, people walking out or just drifting away, and the heckling and back and forth with audience members became more chaotic, the only people who backed Sukant up were a small amen corner, who nodded along at his most obvious pronouncements.

Now I doubt that Harry Magdoff’s Jewishness amounted to anything more than a taste for pastrami sandwiches, but I wonder what he would make of his imprint being associated with the likes of Sukant Chandan. I have heard that the crew who runs MR often rejects submissions because they are not “MR” enough. Maybe they can solicit something from Sukant Chandan and Muhammad Nasr along the lines of “How Jewish cadres of the State Department are behind the Arab Revolution”. That I am afraid would be MR enough.


  1. “it’s that you’re so arrogant!”. No kidding, it really the insufferable arrogance of these know it all lecturers on imperialism that so enrages. I’m glad I wasn’t there, or else I would have strangled the sucker.

    And notice, O Marcyites, how this line repels the honest Arab activists!

    Comment by Matt — April 11, 2011 @ 3:38 am

  2. “The US State Dept and its Jewish cadres have been agitating the Egyptian youth movement since 2008 according to many references published on the internet.”

    Honestly, what stands out to me the most about that sentence isn’t even the gutter anti-Semitism as much as the, uh, incredibly high epistemic standards.

    “…..according to many references published on the internet”? Really? Well, I guess it must be true.

    Comment by Ben Burgis — April 11, 2011 @ 5:46 am

  3. I’ve always seen marcy-ite type positions as the very acme of guilty white liberalism laced with the paranoid style of a certain kind of radicalism which has lost faith in ordinary people and their struggles. Everyone is a stooge or a dupe, the masses are dumb and dumber, and the CIA controls your brain. I’m always tempted to respond ‘speak for yourself’ mixed in with a string of cheap anti-Americanisms. In this case though one is somewhat embarrassed. 🙂

    Comment by johng — April 11, 2011 @ 8:32 am

  4. I find it ironic that Louis Proyect’s crying loudly about “anti-Semitism” while at the same time promoted the demonization of Qaddafi thus positioning himself with the Zionist thugs who pushed for the War on Libya (see particularly Chuck Schumer role in ramming through a resolution to provide the Administration with Senate approval)

    since Proyect kicked Yoshi off of his mailing list and since he’s been on the pro-Zionist side against Iran and Libya he needs an excuse and diversion to smear MRZine that Yoshi now edits. Louis cries of anti-Semitism ring rather hollow while his record of allying with Zionists is rather stark.

    Comment by Deadbeat — April 11, 2011 @ 11:08 am

  5. >Louis allying with Zionists

    Weak trolling 0/10, please try again.

    Comment by Antonis — April 11, 2011 @ 11:36 am

  6. As a visitor from Mars, I’m curious: is “anti-imperialist” opposed to “honest Arab activism”? Is US ME policy not imperialist? Is anti-imperialism incompatible with revolutionary socialism? Has US policy been supportive of Palestinian statehood, or critical of Israel’s territorial expansion? Does “anti-Zionist” mean “anti-semitic”?

    Comment by senecal — April 11, 2011 @ 3:31 pm

  7. The stuff published above is anti semitic. No doubt about it.

    But I want to see more anti imperialism here. Sarkozy wants a war to prop up his terrible poll ratings and Cameron wants it to show the British public what a statesman he is. Remember Cameron is new to office and currently implementing savage austerity cuts. Nothing like a war to divert the masses…….only this time I doubt it is working.

    But please let us see this war for what it is.

    Comment by Steve — April 11, 2011 @ 5:47 pm

  8. I don’t like this guy either and am sensitive when people start to bandy the word Jew (what about all those Christian sahibs and their ‘native informer’ Muslims??) but calling the above ‘anti-Semitic filth’ promoted by MRZine is going too far and shows perhaps your own over-sensitivity because well, you happen to be Jewish. Can you deny that the overwhelming number of American Jews are pro-Israel, even the so-called J Street Jews? I happen to think Israel is a colonial settler-state and Zionism is a racist ideology. Does that make me anti-Semitic?

    Comment by Mazdak — April 13, 2011 @ 4:03 pm

  9. I don’t think that MRZine is “promoting” these views, only that one of their favorite bloggers is too stupid to have noticed that an article he put on his blog was garbage. In my view, Jews don’t face any real threats to their existence anywhere in the world today but the left has to be on guard against any lapses of judgment that our enemies might use against us–like Ahmadinejad inviting KKK leader David Duke to a conference on the holocaust.

    Comment by louisproyect — April 13, 2011 @ 5:50 pm

  10. Apparently, one of the former U.S. State Department officials who now works for Google and sits on the State Department-backed Alliance of Youth Movements [AYM] board–Jared Cohen–identifies himself as a “Jew”–according to an article from 2008 that was posted about Jared Cohen at the following Hillel website link. And AYM board member Cohen also apparently spoke at an AIPAC conference panel in 2008.

    Comment by bobf — April 13, 2011 @ 6:13 pm

  11. Wow, a guy named Cohen identifies himself as a Jew! You learn something new every day.

    Comment by louisproyect — April 13, 2011 @ 7:03 pm

  12. Hey, never mind the argument, the fact that you “remember Weatherpeople on acid trips from the 70s” makes us kindred souls. 🙂

    Comment by LarryE — April 14, 2011 @ 6:06 pm

  13. Matt & johng:

    Your characterizations of “Marcyites” strike me as a crude CP (or State Department) caricature of the WWP’s ACTUAL position on the odiously criminal Israeli occupation of Palestein which has been as consistent as, and differs little from, the position of Norman Finkelstein. If you’ve got a problem with Marcy (a Jew) then you’ve got a problem with Finkelstein (a Jew) — as their positions on Israel’s illegal occupation differ not one iota.

    In 2006 after the Lebonese stopped in their tracks the IDF invasion (the first force to do so in history) the WWP had some article that’s headline said something like: “Hezbollah is all of us!” which generated much criticism and even a permanent split in their West Coast ranks. But that line wasn’t much different from their line during Vietnam, that is: “Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh — the NLF is gonna win” which made most SWPers CRINGE (but why exactly?) except for people like my dad, an SWPer at the time (but a Leninist through & through) who thought it rung true and began to question the leadership of the SWP.

    Bottom line is you’ve got to be out of your fucking mind if you don’t think some cat like Lenin, if he were alive, would be rooting for the NLF in Vietmam in 1968 or Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006. Same could be said for Malcolm X.

    It’s true the WWP went so far as to claim that Hezbollah during that crisis amounted to a sort of, loosely analogous version of the “Soviets” during Germany’s onslaught of Russia in WWI insofar as Hezbollah was the only entity when Isreal attacked that provided the masses during war some rudimetary security & organization whilst their homes & schools & mosques & hospitals were being levelled by the relentless might of Zionist backed imperialism.

    So is that really such a political crime? Or is such critical support under a one-sided onslaught for one of the most despised organizations in the commercial press of the West really an example of “arrogance” that’s supposedly hated by the average Arab in the street? Hardly. Maybe instead it’s true that CPers & State Department liberals are still embarassed about the fact that one cannot logically pin the word “terrorist” on Hezbollah when in 1983 they allegedly blew a couple hundred armed Marines out of their bunks into oblivion and back to the USA by a heroic martyr? After all, a soldier who kills an invading soldier can logically never be defined as a terrorist except by hypocrits & cowards.

    Tens of thousand of Cubans over 50 years never considered Marcy arrogant. Neither did over 10,000 Salvadorans marching in NYC in the 80’s for human rights. Nor did over 100,000 Haitians. Yet Marcy organized all those mass demos through hard grass roots work. Indeed, If it wasn’t for Marcy the First Anti-Gulf War organizers in the early 90’s would have rammed through “sanctions” which ultimately got rammed through anyway thanks to CPers & State Dept. liberals, and so after a million Iraqi elderly & children got sanctioned to death under Clinton few of those shameful sewer rats have had the guts to re-emerge into the light of politics knowing that it would have actually been more humane to just bomb a million Iraqi kids & seniors rather than let them suffer prolonged agonizing death through dissentary and preventable disease, as former Attorney general Ramsey Clark proved irrefraggably with scant credit on the left owening apparently to their absurd & irrational Marcy-phobia. [It should be noted that Chomsky was adamantly for “sanctions” against Iraq just before the outset of that war but since he never published such views & only articulated them to individuals in private like me he never got to publicly eat a big heap of crow.]

    Comment by Karl Friedrich — April 15, 2011 @ 4:54 am

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