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October 22, 2010

Please contribute to Swans

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This is a pitch for Swans Magazine that is having its yearly fund-drive. Yesterday I told Gilles d’Aymery, the editor, that donations might be slow coming in since there is a widespread assumption that everything is free on the Internet.

That is simply not true. To maintain a website like Swans involves monthly payments to an ISP, yearly registration for a domain, and lots of other costs involved with infrastructure. Before Marxmail was made part of the U. of Utah economics department network, I was paying up to $200 per month so I know what I am talking about here.

This of course does not begin to address the hard work that Gilles puts into a very fine magazine. I don’t think that this fund-raising effort will amount to a yearly wage, since the goal is $2500 as opposed to Counterpunch’s $75,000 goal for its own fund drive taking place now.

I have been writing for Swans since 2003 and consider it the only place worth my time and effort. After seeing the capriciousness of both high-profile websites like Counterpunch and Znet, as well as academic leftist publishers, Swans continues to impress me as an essential vehicle for both political and cultural thought on the left. It is a place where you will find Michal Barker’s ongoing investigations of how Soros-style philanthropy undermines the left, while supposedly supporting it. It is also where you will find a new contributor Paul Buhle writing about comic book art, his latest passion in a life-long career writing about popular culture from a Marxist perspective. You simply could not find better writing in print or electronically no matter how hard you tried.

With a modest goal of $2500, it should not be hard to meet with relatively modest contributions. I am about to donate $25 through Paypal (http://www.swans.com/about/donate.html) and urge you to do so as well. $5 or $10 would hardly make a dent in your budget but it would certainly matter a lot to the Swans editors when received from a large number of people. Like many Americans, Gilles and his wife and co-editor Jan Baughman are going through some hard times now and every little bit will help.

Thanks for your consideration.


  1. “After seeing the capriciousness of both high-profile websites like Counterpunch and Znet, as well as academic leftist publishers…”

    I haven’t read Swans in a while, but thanks to your post I will. Could you elaborate on what you call “the capriciousness” of CounterPunch, et al?

    Comment by Brandon — October 26, 2010 @ 8:37 am

  2. I am referring mostly to things like Alexander’s global warming denialism, the Paul Craig Roberts articles, which in themselves are not that bad but he is a nativist.

    Comment by louisproyect — October 26, 2010 @ 12:23 pm

  3. “global warming denialism” is one of the few things i actually like about Cockburn. You’re quite right about Swans, though. I wish i could afford to give some kind of serious donation.

    Comment by david montoute — November 6, 2010 @ 9:44 am

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