Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

August 21, 2006

Against “democracy”; for democracy

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(Thanks to Lenin’s Tomb for calling this to our attention. It is from a blog called “Maxims and Reflections” that I am not familiar with. It bears paying attention to.)

Over at michaelberube dot com, to which I am not inclined to link, the good professor has been having a carnivalesque week of strenuous dismissals of what he calls, with reference to the hundreds of thousands of people who have demonstrated in London recently, the “we are all Hezbollah now” left; this in contrast to his own position on what he calls the “democratic left”. (These democrats are always rather horrified at the demos, have you noticed?) Suffice it to say that I am as suspicious of the “democratic” “left” as the professor is of what he so witheringly calls the “radical” “left”. Maybe even for some of the same reasons. And that’s not to say I agree with everybody Berube argues against, or disagree with everything he says, but then I don’t have to. Puritanism is for puritans.

But there is a powerful undertow toward power in the discourse of the “democratic” “left” that I finally find so dismaying that I have no choice but to reject the thing root and branch. Because few people they accuse of defending Milosevic or Hussein or Nasrallah or any other Hitler-Of-The-Month has defended these people with anything like the vigor and passion with which the “democratic” “left” has implicitly defended Bush, Clinton or Bush; or, if not these men themselves, then the right of these men to send an army anywhere, to level any city from the air, to destroy any state, to define any population as criminal, outlaw, subhuman. I don’t necessarily say this is right-wingery; some on the “democratic” “left” regard it as an adaptation of Marxism and they may be correct! I am cheerfully willing to commit the great Marxist heresy of moralism and say only that it is wrong.

full: http://sweet-nothing.livejournal.com/14751.html

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