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February 23, 2006

Two customer reviews on amazon.com of David Horowitz’s “The Professors”

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One Star
Close, but no falafels, February 22, 2006
Reviewer: Gen. JC Christian, patriot

I studied under one of the professors profiled in this book. It was during the eighties. He was truly an evil man, always running down President Reagan’s support of the Salvadoran death squads. He gave me an F on a paper I almost finished. He also laughed when I said that Daniel Ortega was possessed by Satan.

It got worse after that. He started to look at me in a strange way. I couldn’t break his gaze no matter how much I tried. I now realized that he was using his special powers to turn me into a communist.

I eventfully grew out my hair, bought a beret and fatigues, and told everyone to call me Che. That confused a lot of my friends. They couldn’t understand why Che would accessorize his uniform with a bright red feather boa. I tried to explain that red was the color of revolution, but they just couldn’t get it.

They finally abandoned me when they caught me painting the Alpha Gamma Rho goat red while whistling the Internationale and wearing a crimson bra and panties. They really hated Stanford.

Anyway, Mr. Horowitz failed to mention the mind control this professor exercised over students like me. That’s the most important part of the story. I can’t give the book more than one star.


One Star
Not Hard Enough!!!, February 23, 2006
Reviewer: Philbert Suggs

I’m a patriotic, right-wing Christian and an avid biblical styled animal killer for sports. These are my values and these are my valuables!! And while I agree with David Horowitz’s premise, his book does not ever once go deep enough into the darkness that is the academic world of academia.

These teachers and professors are pro terrorists, anti soldier, and many of them actual murderers and dozens upon dozens are child molesters who are protected by a veil of secrecy that covers the face of their identities and hides their eyes from the those needing to look at them in the eyes and see who they are looking at!!

The problem really lies in the fact that the majority of students are passive and are easily indocrinated into the left-winging world of socialness and pacifisting! Both philosophies which destroyed great strong European societies, including our own very own U S of A!

Mr. Horowitz never goes into any of these evils, he barely touches the texture of the skin on the surface of the arm that may one day try and block our rights to bare arms!!!. Instead he lashes out at many issues, but also never lashes out at the horrors of teaching kids today about the peace and social justice movements!! Why…why not show these movements for what they are??? Why not show and discuss the thousands of professors who teach not only the history of these sissy and freedom stomping ideologies.

One of the main problems of this book is that David never ever never explains really why their are so many filthy lefties teaching in the colleges today. Or the Universities!! Its because they are disgusting pedophiles who would rather brain wash the children than make money. These type of anti-capitalists are never really concerened about becoming a millionaire or owning a large corporation that makes products that keep our society strong and on the move….like a merry go round that can’t be stopped!!!!

Take a look at the successful men of the Wall Street….you won’t find a liberal amongst them!!! Why??? Because they would RATHER DO… THAN TEACH…and the doers are doing it for themselves!!!!!! That is what power and this country is about!!!

I’m only giving this book one star also because David H never goes into the issue about hunting either!! He never sites that 99% of most professors (if not some of them) are against killing animals for the pleasure we sportsMAN achieve hunting for pleasure achieving!! Its part of our right-wing God given heritage of Dominion!! God gave Americans Dominion and the liberals want to turn back the clock to some ideal time in the future where everyone including animals will be happy!

Come on David, your ideas are good…close even, but you’re way off target!

I’m with you in spirit ( although your last name sounds a bit jewish) butt you need to be more John McCarthy on these liberal anti gun anti violence types and less, way less Paul McCartney.

That’s all I got!

God Bless America!!!!

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